What feeds the balance?

In 2019, Aventura de Construir, realized within a Financial Education project that it was important to link the topic on how we feed ourselves to the financial issue, also reflecting on our spending on this essential item. On the occasion, we did a training with Taynara Alves, founder of the startup InQuímica, which you can read more here. LINK BLOG Now we invite her again to expand and reflection and she wrote this very special article. Check it out!

Eating well has a lot to do with observing your own health, paying attention to the choices of foods and their origin, and very little with crazy diets followed without any accompaniment from a qualified professional.

There are two needs that are in evidence, especially in this period where health has become a central issue in the vast majority of discussions and decision- making, they are the immune system and mental health. After all, these are two very important pillars for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial, for example, to be able to stay ahead in their business by keeping them in the fight for survival and
financial health. And believe me healthy eating directly influences all the systems of our organism, and this influence can be positive or negative.

How will that influence your mental and financial health?

To observe one’s health to understand and respect the signals that the body gives when something is not quite right. This is because when you don’t eat properly for your body’s needs, the brain has difficulty producing substances that help with mental balance, and let’s face it, at the moment, what keeps each individual focused on their tasks is their mental health.

Foods rich in selenium, omega-3, calcium, vitamin B, and others, contribute very positively to brain work. The foods that contain these substances are: castanha do pará, eggs, fish, oats, broccoli, liver, avocado, cabbage and spinach, among others. yeah, the options are diverse and with some research around the neighborhood, they can fit into the budget, eating well does not necessarily mean spending a lot, and it can be the opposite of that. The immune system also needs to be in constant balance, because, even with all the care, we are constantly exposed to viruses and bacteria. To strengthen this system, responsible for the protection of the organism, it is necessary to stop consuming very sweet, processed and industrialized foods frequently, and give preference to fruits, vegetables, legumes and proteins.

When we talk about care beyond choice, but also with the origin of food, it means, whenever possible, original for food, because the agrochemicals present in fruits and vegetables also cause damage and harm to the body’s organs. There is the counterpoint of knowing that these foods have a much higher cost than the conventional foods, therefore, the importance of washing them and cleaning them with all possible care.

And for the removal of up to 80% of Heavy Metals and Agrochemicals from food, the Puro & Bom product, developed by InQuímica, is an economical and healthy alternative.

Getting healthy eating is beneficial for the body, mind and business, after all, the challenges to undertake are many, and dealing with them requires, in addition to technical skills, the competence to attend and understand that health is the main fuel to do your goals happen.