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Drawer dreams and others already made true, sweat and doubts, and life stories compose the color pallet of those who survive through the subsistence economy.

The people we find through our volunteer program are such a worth because their footprint teaches us to see and hear what we could not do so otherwise. And each one of us ought to offer so much that giving only ourselves is too little. Something transcends us, we truly believe it: they are our volunteers! And it is more than their immediate results.

Everything that is done under our Institutional Program of Volunteers – and ought to be done with professionalism – should make our micro entrepreneurs ask themselves: “why do they do that for us?” and must have as an ultimate goal something greater that can be seeing as a real possibility for them.

To participate hands-on in the progress of low income micro entrepreneur, community economic development and neighborhood transformation help the volunteer and the company to comprehend how such development is a collective gain, a “quadruple win” situation.

The volunteer gains as he/she can share his/her knowledge obtained in the working environment, the company gains as it is in charge of a program able to generate positive change in the community, Aventura de Construir gains as we develop mutual and continuous learning to improve our own actions in the outskirts, and finally the micro entrepreneur wins as acquires knowledge to propel his/her business and the local economy.

Do you want to volunteer and help us transform enterprises at the bottom of the pyramid? Reach us through or (011) 3895-0592. We appreciate it… and – you will see – you will be grateful too!