The volunteer program of Aventura de Construir aims to value the skills and experiences of volunteers so that this heritage can be shared and placed at the service of young people, microentrepreneurs and low-income families who suffer from a lack of opportunities.

In this way, volunteers become contributing agents for human and economic growth in communities, improving life quality, income generation and hundreds of jobs and lives in the peripheries.

The possibilities of volunteering are multiple: participating directly in the Association´s end-activities, but also contributing indirectly to the activities development, and can also support us in the communication, sustainability, fundraising and administration departments.

We invite volunteer participants to experience a program of collective enrichment, a chain where everyone involved wins in some way:

  • The volunteer, who shares his knowledge and experiences, generates an impact for the beneficiaries, realizes the usefulness of this exchange and is educated to live with greater humanity in his own work environment.
  • Beneficiaries win, who acquire knowledge to boost their own business, improve family life, develop their own dreams, generate new opportunities for the community and local economy.
  • And, finally, the Aventura de Construir wins, developing a continuous learning to improve our own action in the peripheries.

We have learned during these years that the greatest joy in life is giving yourself to the common good construction. We propose the volunteer program with the certainty that whoever takes on this responsibility will have the possibility to live an enriching and learning experience that moves us with each success story of our audience from the work done.