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We at Aventura de Construir believe in the value of transparency as a paramount foundation and guideline for all our work. 

As for the third sector reality, transparency in social projects is becoming indispensable as regard to fundraising and the organization sustainability, insofar as it aims at making a difference and being reliable towards social investors.

We believe in the utmost importance of accountability as a way to give transparency to our actions, which is not only related to the proof of proper use of financial resources, but also of the responsibilities we are held responsible for.

See below our annual activity reports from 2015 on, presenting ADC’s annual balance sheet and external audit. We believe in the power of doing instead of only talking about the importance of transparency.

Annual Activity Report 2015 (in Portuguese).

At the end of 2015, we also received our certificate of qualification as OSCIP from the Ministry of Justice.