We believe in the value of transparency as an indispensable foundation for any kind of work. Transparency in social projects is becoming increasingly fundamental as regards fundraising and the sustainability of the organization, as it seeks to make a difference for society and give credibility to social investors.

We believe in the importance of the accountability tool, whose objective is to give transparency to the actions carried out by the entity, which not only refers to the proof of good and regular use of the financial resources received, but also the responsibility transferred to them. In this section we present our Annual Activity Reports from 2015, where we publicly present both Aventura de Contruir annual balance sheet as well as its external audit.

Activities Report

Activities Report 2015

Activities Report 2016

Activities Report 2017

Audited balance sheet

Audited balance sheet 2015

Audited balance sheet 2016

Audited balance sheet 2017

Audited balance sheet 2018

Human Rights Certificate

Recognition of a human rights entity




Certificate of qualification as OSCIP


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