We believe in the importance of the accountability tool, whose objective is to provide transparency on the actions taken by the entity, which does not only refer to proof of the good and regular use of the financial resources received, but also of the responsibility that has been transferred to it.

For the third sector, transparency is becoming increasingly essential due to its importance for fundraising and sustainability of organizations, as it aims to make a difference for society and to give credibility to social investors.

In this section we place our annual Activity Reports from 2015, the annual balance sheets, as well as the external audit reports and other certificates. It is a way to demonstrate that we are transparent!


Activities Report 2015

Activities Report 2016

Activities Report 2017

Activities Report 2018

Activities Report 2019

Audited Balance Sheets

Audited Balance 2015

Audited Balance 2016

Audited Balance 2017

Audited Balance 2018

Audited Balance 2019



OSCIP (Public Interest Civil Society Organization, a qualification granted by the Ministry of Justice)

Qualification certificate as OSCIP

Anual Assemblies

Minutes of the Meeting 070718

Minutes of the Meeting 291018

Minutes of the Meeting 290619

Human Rights Certificate (Anual recognition of a Human Rights Promotion granted by the Secretariat of Justice of São Paulo State for the period)

Recognition of a Human Rights Promotion2018/2019

Recognition of a Human Rights Promotion 2019/2020

CMDCA (Municipal Council for Child and Young Rights)


ITCMD (Tax on Legacy and Donation)

Disclaimer from withholding income tax