Reflections on the concert in MIS

The unlikely is one of the ingredients for success!

Like all entrepreneurs, companies and mainly NGOs, we are not immune to change and we must always pay atention to the scenario around us, aiming for growth opportunities and attentive to the surrounding risks.
Although it is uncomfortable to deal with so many changes, it is important to emphasize that it is during these hours that we can experience: our adaptive power, the strength of our mission and to finish (and what made us delighted) how we can gain some companies trust, partners and people during our journey.
And it is exactly in this moment of reflection and questioning, the greatest of all is: How to bring visibility to our cause and activities that an exclamation arises:
“Let’s do something great, beautiful and unique: a piano concert.
As well as being an extremely magical presentation, we spread our mission accordingly. ”

Eureka! Hands to work.
But would it be possible to do such an event with so little time?

Until then we had never accomplished anything so majestic. Having butterflies in our stomach that usually appears on the presentation day, for us, came much earlier, there in the early days of our initial contacts and first meetings to make our dreams come true.

We had in our hands a mix of gritty ingredients that made us so happy that our expectations increased more and more:

1- First, our cause that has always led us to create new ways and alternatives to continue developing our work and impacting hundreds of microentrepreneurs. Without our mission we would not have the event or any other form of fundraising.

2- The Image and Sound Museum was something unexpected and far beyond what we imagined. With an incredible structure, a staff requests, an unusual and cozy atmosphere. MIS was the best setting for our concert that illustrated how much sound and image are longstanding partners.

3- The highlight of the concert was Marcelo Cesena, who presented the nuances of the songs beautifully in a breathtaking performance, proving to be worthy and honored by the title of ambassador of Brazilian music in the world.

4- Charismatic and very safe, the pianist told stories of the composers, recalled episodes of other performances and gave a lesson on how music is so important for the movies and for our lives.

Between the great attraction and our mission, we wanted the night to be very well intertwined, that in the end everything made sense and that it was delicate. There would be no better person than the master of Luxury Carlos Ferreirinha with his grace, touch and a lot of feeling to be the ceremonial list that night. Ferreirinha maintained the rhythm of the event, and also to remain magical. The challenge was realized and the improbable became real. We managed to fill the MIS amphitheater and also, anxious for Marcelo’s presentation.

By the end of the event we could see that we were right to prepare so well for this evening, we were exposed, full of incredible attractions and all this was noticed when we looked at our audience moved and amazed by the lovely presentation.

We thank all the public, our partners, volunteers, people and companies who sponsored and helped making this moment so beautiful and unforgettable.