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Silvia Caironi
Silvia Caironi holds a Bachelor in Economics from the Catholic University of Milan, a Masters in Project Management from the George Washington University and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate. She has 24 years of experience in strategic, organizational and management consultancy (Italy). Experience in multilateral entities (United States), as an advisor for the Presidency of the Counsil of Ministers and Administrative Manager of Cáritas (emergencies and development) in Peru. She is responsible for the strategic direction with funders and the board of directors. She articulates external relationships and partnerships, and coordenates and orientates institutional activities.
Adriano Gaved
Adriano Gaved is an Eletronic Engineer and holds a PhD in Computer Science and Automation from the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy). Experience of 18 years in the telecoms and media sectors in Italy (Telecom Italia) and Brazil (CEO of One Brasil, Band Group), with experience in quantitative and statistical analysis and project, team and business management. He is currently a partner at maisQI, a Atualmente sócio da maisQI, a digital consultancy company. He develops the contents of our trainings and coordinates all activities related to data organization and analysis, for instance our impact assessment system.
Carlos Henrique Lopes
Carlos Henrique Lopes graduated from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), where he majored in Business Management, and from Universidade de São Paulo (USP), with a major in Political Science. He is also certified in project management for the third sector from the PMD (Project Management for Development). Carlos has experience in projects related to low-income entrepreneurship, advocacy and urban mobility. He is responsible for the consultancies and the management of the impact assessment system.

Matilde Silva
Matilde Silva is currently majoring in Social Services. She has 10 years of experience in multinationals, accompanying all legal aspects and assisting lawyers in corporate, proxies and internal customer relations. She is in charge of the administration, organization, control and development of activities, as well as in the access to microcredit for the entrepreneurs. She supports the direction in the financial, technology, legal and auditing.

Yara Nicolini
Yara Nicolini is graduated in Foreign Languages and holds a Masters in International Affairs from the University of Milan. She works for the third sector since 2008 and has experience with high social vulnerability target public, gender issues, imigration and human rights. She is responsible for the institutional communication. She formulates strategies, defines actions and articulates communication channels to show the differential and the activities of Aventura de Construir.

Board of Directors
Marlene Ramos
Marlene Ramos is the president of ADC. She works for 30 years on behalf of housing for Associação dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra de São Paulo (ATST).
Jorge Kim
Jorge Kim is a Mechanical Engineer (UNIP), MBA in Quality Management (USP – SP) and MBA in Capital Market (FIPECAFI – SP). Business and co-owner of Bela & Bonita, he is the vice president of ADC.
Marcelo Turri
Marcelo Turri is ADC’s treasurer. He is a Mechanical Engineering graduated from Poli – USP and has an MBA from IBMEC – SP. Currently, he is Supply Chain Director in Alpargatas.
Rafael Marcoccia
Rafael Mahfoud Marcoccia is a journalist and a professor of Sociology and Philosophy at FEI. He researches about the principles of human dignity, principle of subsidiarity and solidarity. He is the secretary of ADC.
Fiscal Council
Gisela Solymos
Gisela Solymos is the General Manager at Centro de Recuperação e Educação Nutricional (CREN). Psychologist, with a Masters in School Psychology and Human Development (USP) and a doctorate in Sciences (UNIFESP). Ashoka Fellow and Social Entrepreneur from Schwab Foundation.
Carlos Otavio da Costa
Carlos Otavio da Costa Silva, Engineer (FEI – SP) with an MBA (FGV). Co–founder of Bento Store, elected as one of the global innovation trends.
Fabrizio Pelliccelli
Fabrizio Pellicelli is president of AVSI BRASIL and Regional Manager of AVSI Foundation Brasil and Peru.