Responsible for internal areas

Silvia Caironi – General Coordination
Economist graduated from the Catholic University of Milan in 1993, master in Project Management from George Washington University and certified in Project Management (PMP) since 2001. She has worked around the world in corporations, multilateral organizations in the United States and, in Peru, as advisor to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Administrative Manager of Caritas.Because of her passion for the human, determination, boldness, direct temperament and for being motivated to make a difference, she was chosen by Fondazione Umano Progresso to found and develop the Associação Aventura de Construir. He is responsible for strategic direction together with financiers and the board, articulating external relationships and partnerships, as well as coordinating and guiding institutional activities.She loves Brazil and believes that there is a huge creative and entrepreneurial potential that needs to be worked on and leveraged.

Raquel Santos – Economic and Social Development Area
Graduated in Social Sciences from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) and coordinates the technical area of ​​ADC. Prepares and multiplies the content of training and events, developing the relationship with partners and managing the logistics of the proposed activities. It is also responsible for collecting and systematizing data for the impact assessments of projects and, together with the team, prepares reports with analysis of results and carries out the planning of future actions, identifying opportunities based on the demands of the target audience.

Franklin Menezes – Economic and Social Development Area
PhD student in Administration at the Innovation Line at UNINOVE who works at ADC with advice for microentrepreneurs, modeling and validating strategies for business sustainability.

Luiza Kormann – Economic and Social Development Area
Bachelor in International Relations, has experience with creative process conduction, design thinking methodologies and organizational structuring. She is articulator at Engajamundo’s Gender working group and mentor at the 2020’s edition of the UNICEF’s Youth Challenge (Generation Unlimited). As a researcher, she works with social control, social participation in political processes and gender. Has been published at Revista Polifonia as part of the Human Rights formation at APD (acronym for São Paulo’s Law Academy) and at Open Master (2019) as part of the formation at the School of Public Policies from Agenda Pública.

Lorena Cataño  – Economic and Social Development Area

Lorena advises microentrepreneurs to strengthen their ventures based on practical knowledge of the administrative and financial area. In addition to contributing to the formation of new businesses, she  is passionate about participating in projects that promote impact and advances for society.

Master in Sociology (UFPR), postgraduate in Social Managment (Uniminuto, Colômbia), Entrepreneurship and Social Business (FAE) and Business Administrator (Uniminuto, Colombia). She has international professional experience, working in the design, implementation and evaluation of projects, teacher of entrepreneurship in classroom and distance learning  and researcher of female entrepreneurship.

Lilian Zimmermann – Economic and Social Development Area

Graduated in Commercial Management from Faculdade Internacional Uninter. He appreciates the development of the person as the protagonist of his business and his life. It develops the dissemination of knowledge for micro-entrepreneurs, practicing people management throughout the process, aiming at socio-economic growth and the creation of increasingly collaborative and active networks in the surroundings of the region of each project.

Adriano Gaved

Adriano Gaved – Economic and Social Development Area
An electronic engineer, he has a PhD in Informatics and Automation from the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy). 18 years in the telecommunications and media sector in Italy (Telecom Italia, 3) and in Brazil (CEO of One Brasil, Band group), with experience in quantitative and statistical analysis, project management, teams and business management.

Currently a partner at maisQI, a digital consulting company. At Aventura de Construir, he is responsible for the institutional system for assessing socio-environmental impact. From Engineer to CEO, he went through all the roles of manager in a company, however, without feeling that his work was linked to a collective and transforming result.Now, as a consultant at AdC, he is doing the most important work he could imagine here in Brazil: supporting those who take the initiative for a worthy, dignified life.

Paulo Felletti – Economic and Social Development Area

Graduated in Public Administration from the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA), he works as a Project Consultant in Economic, Social and Territorial Development. It is responsible for mobilizing the stakeholders of the projects in which it operates, preparing content for classes, impact assessment and schedule, in addition to carrying out advisory and training activities, which generate the need to prepare reports on the activities performed.

It always seeks to identify the needs of the public of each project, in order to strengthen the AdC principle of starting from the reality of each one, always having as a guide the emancipation of the human being and sustainability as fundamental principles in low-income peripheral businesses.

Diogo Schmidt – Sustainability and Institutional Relations Area
Social scientist graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), master and doctor in Sociology from the same university. He has experience in the themes of entrepreneurship and innovation. His main expertise is to research, create reports and seek new partners and opportunities to carry out projects. He believes in the mission of the third sector to impact people and places neglected by public policies.

Matilde Silva – Senior Administrative Area

Social Worker graduated from the University of Paraná (Unopar). With experience in the legal area in the Pharmaceutical Industry and as an assistant to the Attorney General for 7 years. At Aventura de Construir, I have been in charge of the Administrative and Financial area for 9 years.

Vitória Barros – Junior Administrative Area

Domestic Economist graduated from the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) and graduating in Business Administration from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP). He aligns his personal and professional vocation working in the third sector, in the administrative and financial areas of social projects. At Aventura de Construir, he supports organizational and administrative budget management of projects.

Vinicius Dutra – Senior Communication Analyst
Journalist graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). With experience in the area of communication advisory and as a communication coordinator in political campaigns. He also serves as an audiovisual producer, photographer and content creator. At Aventura de Construir, he is responsible for the Communication area, coordinating institutional dissemination strategies.

Yan Oliveira – Communication analyst Jr
Postgraduate in Digital Transformation, graduated in Marketing from Nove de Julho University (Uninove), with technical training in advertising and business administration. In his experiences, he has served Senac São Paulo in several projects and worked together with advertising experts in academic activities. At Aventura de Construir, he works in the area of Communication, by performing graphic design activities, managing social networks and institutional website, among others


  • Silvia Caironi – Economist from the Catholic University of Milan, with a master’s degree in Project Management from George Washington University;
  • Marcelo Turri – Mechanical Engineer (Politécnica USP) with an MBA in Business Administration (InSper);
  • Patrícia Soares Molina – Head of Corporate Communication, Marketing and Social Responsibility in Latin America (ex Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Brasil), member of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group;
  • Rafael Mahfound Marcoccia – Journalist and professor of Sociology and Philosophy at FEI

Fiscal Council

Advisory Council

  • Álvaro Manoel – Consultant in the areas of economic policy and public finance. He was a senior economist at the IMF and World Bank and worked with more than 50 countries. He was Assistant Secretary of the National Treasury and Advisor to the Minister of Planning and Professor of Economics at the University of Ceará and UNB;
  • Carlos Ferreirinha – Founder and President of MCF Consultoria – Leader and reference company in Latin America on Luxury Management Intelligence and recognized as the main specialist and opinion maker of the activity;
  • Cinzia Abbondio – Graduated in Foreign Literature and Literature from the Catholic University of Milan, she is the general secretary of Fondazione Umano Progresso, which finances several projects in Italy and abroad and was the foundation that gave rise to Aventura de Construir;
  • Fábio DeboniAgronomist and master in forest resources by ESALQ / USP. He is executive manager of Instituto Sabin and member of the GIFE (Group of Institutes, Foundations and Companies) Council. He has actively participated in the engagement of institutes and foundations in the field of social finance and impact business. He is the writer of several articles and is launching his new book – Impacto na Encruzilhada;
  • Fernando GomesEconomist graduated from PUC de Sâo Paulo. He has worked in investment funds and brokerages with mergers, acquisitions and company valuations. Today he works as a fullstack programmer at Casa da Web, has been a volunteer at Aventura de Construir for over a year, and has followed all events in 2019 which allowed him to experience and experience the needs of ADC and microentrepreneurs;
  • Leonardo Valentinis – PhD in economic sciences and business management (Universidade Luigi Bocconi, Milano-1992). EMBA at ESADE (Barcelona-2002). Vice President Latin America – Grupo Lamberti chemical specialties;
  • Marcelo Lucato – Former advertising creative diretor working in marketing, communications and design had been a crew leader in many agencies in the last 30 years. Serving clients in Brazil and Latin America in a wide range of brands: from automobilistic to cosmetics industry, including food, financial and fashion. Studied arts at Faculdade de Belas Artes de São Paulo and nowadays works by himself in visual arts projects.
  • Martus Tavares – Economist, is Vice President of Institutional Relations at Bunge Brasil, was Minister of Planning, and Director of Brazil at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). He was an advisor to several public and private companies. Since 1999, she has supported the Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens daycare center in Ceilândia-DF;
  • Selma PantelDirector of Corporate Affairs at Banco Fator. She was a federal public servant of the Ministry of Economy for 30 years, having held several positions, including 3 years in Washington / USA at the Brazilian Board of Directors at the IDB and 1 year in the São Paulo State Government. She is an advisor to the Paulo Gontijo Institute, an institution that supports scientific work for the treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS);
  • Leonardo ValentinisPhD in economic sciences and business management (Universidade Luigi Bocconi, Milano-1992). EMBA at ESADE (Barcelona-2002). Vice President Latin America – Grupo Lamberti chemical specialties;
  • Martus TavaresEconomist, is Vice President of Institutional Relations at Bunge Brasil, was Minister of Planning, and Director of Brazil at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). He was an advisor to several public and private companies. Since 1999, she has supported the Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens daycare center in Ceilândia-DF;
  • Percival CaropresoMarketing and Communication Professional, working for more than 30 years in social and environmental causes. VP Latin America and Regional Creative Director (McCann-Erickson) for 14 years and founder of Sector 2 ½ in 2005: the search for the ideal fusion point between the Second and Third Sectors, for mutual results and benefits. Projects for Grupo Votorantim, ONU, Unilever, Abrinq Foundation, WWF, Pepsico, Itaú, among others;
  • Rafael N. FonsecaResearcher and consultant in the area of ​​institutional and governmental relations (RIG). He is currently linked to the Graduate Program in Public Management and International Cooperation at UFPB. During the graduation in International Relations (ESPM-SP) he received the award for best CBT
  • Taynara AlvesQuímica (UFABC), Business and Innovation Manager (Fatec Sebrae) and founder of the startup InQuímica. McKinsey consultancy was considered one of the 20 inspiring young people in Brazil for 2020.