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Aventura de Construir was created as the result of Fondazione Umano Progresso’s work in helping micro entrepreneurs through Associação dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra (ATST). Different from other sem terra movements, ATST’s purpose is to help people on the purchase of urban lots where they can build their own houses. By valuing their efforts instead of doing the work for them, ATST has helped more than 25.000 families in achieving this goal, in 29 suburbs of São Paulo’s west area, where the number of entrepreneurship is almost the double compared with the city’s average rate.

The initial idea was to offer microcredit. The first step then was an extensive and deep field research, with more than 200 entrepreneurs interviewed in order to understand their real needs. It became clear that microcredit – already offered by many public and private institutions – was not being granted because these entrepreneurs lacked basic knowledge about the offer and the methods of personal and business organization.

The association then decided to “climb the hill” in order to give a real help and offer a constant and professional support: since 2013, Aventura de Construir dedicates to individual consultancies, training and support in obtaining productive, oriented microcredit, with a positive impact in micro entrepreneurs’ lives in the suburbs of São Paulo. It operates solely in order to assure sustainability and improvement of work and life conditions, fully aware that the entrepreneur is the protagonist of his own development and that this process involves an adventure of human development – not only professional.

A very skilled team, a qualified partner’s network and the constant involvement with real cases have allowed ADC to develop valuable knowledges and methodologies for all the suburbs and C, D and E classes: a very particular and important segment for the social and economic development of Brazil. ADC also implements projects and provides consultancies for NGOs and big firms with long lasting impact as a way to achieve financial sustainability of our own activities.