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Projects for Microentrepreneurs
Projects for Businesses and Non-profits

There are already many services to support microentrepreneurs through microcredit (SEBRAE, Banco do Povo Paulista and Central de Apoio ao Trabalho), which were not being used by our entrepreneurs due to their lack of knowledge about them.
Aventura de Construir is not willing to replicate already existing efforts: that’s why it’s working on a subsidiary logic as a bridge between the target public and the services, notwithstanding the development of our own projects as required.
Aventura de Construir thoroughly monitors its impacted entrepreneurs and promotes associativity among them.

Projects for Micro Entrepreneurs


Productive microcredit programs that don’t include follow ups have shown higher default rates, reaching average scores from 26% to even 50% in regions such as Amazonia and Amapá. (Source: PNMPO of Caixa Econômica Federal).
In order to solve this problem, ADC in partnership with Banco do Povo Paulista offers support in getting microcredit and on-going follow ups throughout the process.
As a result of our close and deep relationship with our entrepreneurs, they have been chosen, in October 2014, by SEBRAE and Banco do Povo Paulista, to implement a pilot project.


There are currently more than 8 million micro and small enterprises in Brazil, but 24% of them don’t reach beyond the second year. (Source: Receita Federal).
To respond to that need, Aventura de Construir offers training courses to micro and potential entrepreneurs, whether in partnership with other organizations (SEBRAE, Aliança Empreendedora, SENAI) or directly with them.

We offer three kinds of training courses:
– Business administration and management;
– Technical/sectorial issues;
– Human development issues, to foster our target’s creativity.

Since April 2013, more than one hundred training courses were offered around our target areas and in hours that are compatible with our entrepreneurs’ busy working schedules, reaching more than 500 people.


According to SEBRAE’s technical director, in an interview given to “Sala de Emprego” TV show in 8/09/2014, at TV Globo, the main reasons for smalls companies to close their doors are lack of initial planning, deficient business management and absence of entrepreneurship behavior. In order to outcome those needs, Aventura de Construir offers consultancy services:

– For new entrepreneurs
– For active entrepreneurs
– Profitability checkups for beginners and customized follow ups for micro entrepreneurs

Since July 2013, more than 500 follow up consultancies have been offered.

Projects for Businesses and Non-profits

Aventura de Construir’s consultors are highly skilled in non-profit management, project management, Business Administration and consultancy, in addition to a wide domestic and international network they can rely on.
These skills, our experience with microentrepreneurs in the outskirt districts and our links with big organizations and international and Brazilian universities have led Aventura de Construir to develop valuable knowledges and methodologies for all Brazilians suburbs and for the C, D and E classes (a very important segment for the country’s social and economic development).
It allows us to help businesses and non-profit entities interested on a realistic analysis of those areas of interest, to define operative plans with durable effects:

– Definition of support plans for individual entrepreneurship;
– Business training, direct and to the facilitators;
– Market studies for C/D/E classes and outskirt areas;
– Commercial Diffusion Studies for C / D / E classes and outskirt areas;
– Impact assessment for non-profit projects.


1. Training Project in Jundiapeba: vocational and human training project for students’ parents from a local school in a highly socially vulnerable neighborhood, through research and coordination with local partners;

2. Micro Insurance Projects: research about the main players in Brazil, the public target and the existing demand and supply, definition of an innovative model for an international insurance company.