Our Projects

Inclusive local territorial development guides our activities, which aim to support the protagonism of microentrepreneurs, workers and consumers in the peripheries for socio-environmental change, no matter if they are adults or young people.

Although the market offers a great diversity of services, the lack of knowledge and preparation makes it difficult for our target audience to benefit itself.

Given this, we act in a subsidiary way, creating bridges between the public and the offer of available services, but also developing our own projects in case their demand is not met.

We follow up the periphery population to transform them into their own life, business and family protagonists.

Projects for Microentrepreneurs

Training – practical courses and workshops on self-knowledge and entrepreneurship, organization and working methods, customers and market, financial management, technology and innovation. In a horizontal, inclusive and participatory way, microentrepreneurs exchange experiences and learn at the same time.

Assistance – periodic monitoring, individual and personalized for each microentrepreneur. We seek to improve results in your business by jointly defining goals, priorities, responsibilities and follow-up mechanisms.

Access to microcredit and debt renegotiation – support in obtaining microcredit with the lowest market interest rates, through partnerships with financial institutions such as Banco do Povo Paulista and FIRGUN, and debt renegotiation and control of expenses with Serasa, Acordo Certo, Smart MEI and BLU365.

Projects for young people

Understanding that it is a vulnerable social segment, often lacking opportunities, especially in the peripheries, we decided to invest in the children´s involvement for entrepreneurs. Over time, we see how this adds knowledge and support to their parent’s business, while at the same time strengthening family ties as young people feel useful in building a family project. From this experience, we design specific training programs for teenagers and young people in vulnerability situations. Our goal is to provide proper training offer, with original content and capable of arousing interest, motivation and professional guidance.

2018 – You + tomorrow: workshops on technological change and your professional future;

2017 – Finance and savings workshops for young people;

2016 – Social networks classes for young people and teenagers

We generate impact!

+ of 5,800 people affected directly;

+ of 29 thousand people indirectly impacted (relatives and residents of the regions where they operate);

+ 200 training on business and personal development;

+ 1300 advisors in the microentrepreneurs business;

+ 20 active volunteers supporting our activities on a routine basis, in addition to the commitment of many professionals who are Board of Directors members, Fiscal Council, lecturers and pro-bono advisers.