Our mission

In order to create an impact on the lives of our target public, we have created an effective work structure to respond to the microentrepreneurs and young people demands in the outskirts of São Paulo.

These needs are multiple and vary according to their areas of performance, business maturation, service or product experience, wishes and dreams, among others. Given this, our pillars of action are focused on results, adaptability, professionalism, transparency and impact.
Our mission, principles and values ​​were also developed to guide our daily lives, bringing to the reality of our daily tasks the professionalism that our challenge demands and the need to improve every day.

By supporting the construction of the lives of so many people, we also build our lives and the Aventura de Construir.


Promote local territorial development, enabling, accompanying and enabling access to credit, aiming at a human and socio-environmental transformation.


  • Transparency and ethics: Disseminate information by guaranteeing access to all and transmitting credibility to the different stakeholders.
  • Excellence: Giving our best, in quality and time, with the highest professional management standards.
  • Perseverance: Persevere with positive thinking and focus in our goal in a patient and systematic way.
  • Discipline: Through the discipline we can contribute to the good internal functioning and growth of our institution.
  • Courage: Take risks to explore new situations and territories.
  • Flexibility: To work with agility and adaptation in face of the new challenges of reality.


  • Centrality of the person and Protagonism: The human factor and protagonism are the development engine and construction of spaces for better living conditions.
  • Commitment: Responsible performance and full dedication stimulate the beneficiaries growth.
  • Continuous improvement: Through systematic evaluation of our actions with socio-environmental impact, we achieve better results and stimulate the critical capacity of stakeholders
  • Teamwork: Horizontal and collaborative construction process.
  • Creativity and innovation: Creativity is promoted and oriented to the innovations generation, as a factor of competitiveness facing the challenges of the third sector and our congeners.