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Our mission

To promote local territorial development bycapacitating, accompanying and allowing credit access, in order to generate a human, social and environmental transformation.

Our principles

  • Ethics and Transparency: disseminate data, guaranteeing access to all and transmitting credibility to all different stakeholders.
  • Excellence: offer the best that we can give, in quality and time, with the highest standards for professional management.
  • Perseverance: positive strain with perseverance to the objective that we want to achieve in a patient and systematic way.
  • Discipline: through the discipline we can contribute to the good internal functioning and growth of our institution.
  • Courage: take risks to explore new situations and territories.
  • Flexibility: to work with agility and adaptation in face of the new challenges of reality.

Our values

  • A person at the center as a protagonist: the human factor and protagonism are the main piece for development and construction of spaces for better living conditions.
  • Commitment: responsible performance and full dedication stimulate the growth of beneficiaries.
  • Continuous improvement: through the systematic evaluation of our action with indicators of social environmental impact, we achieve better results and stimulate the stakeholder’s critical capacity.
  • Teamwork: horizontal and collaborative construction process.
  • Creativity and innovation: creativity is promoted and encouraged for generating innovations, as a factor of competitiveness facing the third sector and the counterparts challenges.