Mission, principles and values

To better address the needs and demands of our beneficiaries, we have composed an effective work structure capable of transpass and impact the lives of microentrepreneurs located in the slums/favelas of São Paulo city.

Their needs vary along side with the reality each beneficiary lives in. Therefore, our pillars of action are focused on adaptability, professionalism, transparency, results and impact.

Practice results

Believe: our mission, principles and values ​​were not written just to meet a standard, but in keeping with our practices!

This positioning was developed to guide our work, bringing the agility and effectiveness that this challenge calls for the reality of everyday tasks! We are fully aware of how we can improve and support the construction of hundreds of lives and, in doing so, we also build our lives and the Building Adventure.


Promote local territorial development, training, mentoring and facilitating access to credit, in order to generate a human and social-environmental transformation.


    • Transparency and integrity: being clear and open in everything we do, how we do it, what results we generate with the communities, next steps
    • Excellence: guarantee the highest professional standards of management
    • Perseverance: never give up; be attentive, insistent and systematic
    • Discipline: strictly demand the maximum from ourselves and beneficiaries
    • Courage: take risks to explore challenging situations and new territories
    • Flexibility: create adaptable models, without losing our essence and objectives


    • A better world starts with mine a better world: it is everyone’s business
    • What matters is each person: each one assumes and transforms his or her life – and that of others
    • Commitment: responsible and permanent action for lasting results
    • Continuous improvement and monitoring: metrics, indicators to evaluate results and corrections
    • Work teamwork: protagonism is the work of many working
    • Creativity and innovation: only different practices produce different results

Working Method

The Aventura de Construir since its creation developed its methodology based on 7 pillars:

1- Starting from reality – understanding the reality of the entrepreneur and context is the starting point for identifying needs and responses nder more appropriately.

2- Generate protagonism believing in the centrality of the person – the human factor is the driving force of development. To achieve sustainable change it’s essential that people become aware of their own strengths and needs. That’s how they become protagonists of their own development.

3- Accompany the beneficiary – AdC carries out its work by individually accompanying its beneficiaries, believing in their freedom, helping them finding solutions to their problems and guiding throughout decision making processes. This assistance process is one of our differential points in relation to other similar institutions.

4- Investing in all-round development – Working with a vulnerable public, AdC understands that there is a strengthen process is necessary. Therefore, we go beyond technical training, as we propose cultural, technological and scientific content in our training courses, consulting sessions and other interactions. This helps the beneficiaries to expand their horizons

5- Acting with a G-local vision – the transformation of society starts with the positive change of the human person, that’s what we call “G-local”. One positively impacted person becomes a multiplier and generator of change in its surroundings, expanding the transformation’s reach

6- Act in a network and create bridges – in a subsidiary view, we develop partnerships with companies, NGOs and volunteers, who help us in all spheres of work to have tools that respond to the identified objectives.

7- Ensuring transparency and ethics – we disclose data guaranteeing access to information and transmitting credibility to different stakeholders.