Microentrepreneurs and the anti-crisis mindset

In the current economic crisis, the effect on microentrepreneurs who we work with, cannot be ignored. After all, individual microentrepreneurs’ income fell by 20% between April 2015 and 2016 in the city of São Paulo, according to Sebrae-SP Indicators research. These numbers materialized themselves as a loss of creativity sparkles in people’s eyes: in our visits, we see that many are inert, as if they were just waiting for the crisis to pass, without new ideas and projects. In the face of the difficulties of this crisis, how to respond to the new needs of entrepreneurs? If everyone is blasé, how to bring fire into the boiler of the locomotive that represents these hardworking people? If they are shut in themselves, what to do to make them open? How to make a barrier turn into a lever?

In a shrunk market, the situation seems unavoidable when we ask these questions. But at this time we should listen to the advice from those olders. One of these pieces of advice, from a board member of our institution, was: “… in times of difficulty, it is important to go back to the origins”.

We recall what we already knew: the origin of Aventura de Construir is to respond to the concrete needs of our target audience, and we do it through actions that enable the entrepreneur to be the main agent of his own change.

It is also worth quoting a phrase by the philosopher Reinhold Niebuhr: “There isn’t a worse answer than that to a question that has not been asked”. With that in mind, the answers are now closer!

To overcome the inertia generated by the economic crisis, the central point now is to raise the concerns present within the entrepreneurs, since only by interacting with reality it’s possible to react within their productive activity.

In other words, just by awakening the desire to lift your company up, it’s possible to overcome the crisis. Being open to new situations, adapting to them and finding the possibilities is what makes the entrepreneur overcome the difficulties of the moment. Possibilities that may be market related, such as offering a new product or working with new partners, but also within the company’s own internal structure, such as taking advantage of the employees’ free time to better structure the functions and activities of each one.

By deepening who we are, it was possible to take a step forward in the work we do with microentrepreneurs: it was possible to find the new frontiers of each situation via the man-to-man work and by deepening each one’s situation. That is how we propose different, simple, and innovative solutions.

It is always in the face of difficulties that a new path is found, which leads to new difficulties and new paths. With this snowball, daily work is built, and new horizons are reached, but it is important to be open and positive to them.

I end this post with a phrase that I read in a restaurant where I often eat: a hand-embroidered cloth “plate” happily contains the words: “Yes, I heard about the crisis, but I decided that my company and I aren’t going to join in”. Here, the challenge becomes an opportunity.

Silvia Caironi

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