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At the end of 2012, an extensive research was carried out with entrepreneurs from Associação dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra (ATST-SP) areas to characterize target audience and to better define the services to be developed. This research created our “baseline”: a reference to understand the impact of our work on the well-being of our beneficiaries.

In 2015 were made two new researches:

1. With a control Group” of entrepreneurs included in the baseline who have not received ADC’s services, in order to assess their evolution in the absence of intervention by ADC;

2. With a group of ADC’s beneficiaries.
The control group were chosen to be as much as similar to 2012’s.

Comparing the groups, we can highlight the following:

1. Formalization improved significantly during this period (around 20 percentage points, achieving 70%), with no big differences between ADC’s entrepreneurs and the control group;

2. The proportion of microenterprises with credit card machines remained constant, on a high level around 80%;

3. ADC entrepreneurs´ percentage that hired employees remained stable, while for the control group it fell 5 points, reaching 35%;

4. While the control group remained practically stable compared to the Baseline, the ADC’s entrepreneurs had an average monthly revenue growth of 79% (65% ending the inflation effect);

5. The profit of the Control Group rose 20%, while the ADC entrepreneurs’ increased 27%;

6. The default rate of microcredit from Banco do Povo Paulista accompanied by ADC is 12% lower than the others.