Giving with courage, conscience and protagonism

When we talk about the topic of donations, Brazil has undergone some timid transformations. According to the World Giving Index, the most comprehensive study on this topic carried out by the Gallup Institute and CAF, there was an increase of almost 2.5 million “acts of kindness” performed by Brazilians in 2014 compared to the previous year. Despite this, the country fell 15 positions in the global ranking (to the bitter 105th position) and there are no signs of improvement due to the ongoing economic recession.


In this context, Aventura de Construir launches its external support platform for people and companies, with several possibilities for action!

1.       It is now possible to make donations through our website to directly sponsor free actions to microentrepreneurs, such as collective training and individual advice in his or her business, using PagSeguro, PayPal or our bank account.

2.       Another scope of the platform is the possibility of being a volunteer. Your energy and expertise or your company and employees can be used in activities such as thematic consultancy, specific training or in the internal work of Aventura de Construir.

3.       In addition to these actions, Aventura de Construir is now partnering with the O Polen app. The tool passes on to our institution a percentage of the value of an online purchase made at any of the 100 or more online partner stores, at no cost to the consumer. A great option for Christmas shopping!

But why carry out all these activities in a period of uncertainty, when there are mixed signals about how the public will take advantage of these opportunities?


Aventura de Construir exists to positively impact the sustainability of small businesses by fostering the personal protagonism of microentrepreneurs – this is much more than “managing” the social deficiencies of our target audience, it is encouraging proactivity in the face of challenges and accompanying them on this path. In this sense, there are also opportunities that we can take advantage of in the current context of donations by taking the right initiatives. 


The second factor that moved us was the humility to remember that not every answer is in our hands, so the cooperation between our team and our stakeholders is an opportunity for learning and expansion. Their participation takes us out of our “box” and leaves a mark on our institution, which makes us grow and gain new perspectives.

A good example is the Christmas Campaign that we are doing on social networks (Facebook and Instagram). Created from the cooperation of employees, volunteers and micro-entrepreneurs, making them know more about these worlds and interconnecting them in an unusual dialogue.

Remember that the end of the year is a time to revisit what is inside of you, what makes you go on, and supporting our project is a way to make others move forward faster and with more stability.

Join in the inclusion movement that is Aventura de Construir!”

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