Word Café: Planning as a Tool for Business Growth

Word Café: Planning as a Tool for Business Growth

This August, the ONG Aventura de Construir will promote some trainings, according to the Word Café methodology, called “Planning as a Tool for Business Growth”.

This methodology brings with it the valorization of learning through the interaction, experiences and opinions sharing between individuals who work and carry out a group exchange. The process presents a high working capacity with the diversity and complexity in these groups, causing collective intelligence to emerge.

Applying this concept to our reality, we can use it as a tool for knowledge and improvement on planning an enterprise and evaluating, broad and different factors, when thinking about investing and / or expanding a business. Asking questions about their practices and interacting with other realities that seek the same answers, may be the beginning of understanding how to make structured planning.

On this training we will, together, understand the different perceptions on what is a plan, if its applications are the most appropriate and, mainly, how to reflect and react to the results, be they negative or positive.

The meetings will take place from 7 pm to 9 pm on the following dates and venues:

01/08/17 at Centro Comunitário do Jardim Canãa – Rua Ilha do Francês, 55

08/08/17 at Centro Comunitário do Sol Nascente na 11º área – Rua São Francisco, 11

15/08/17 at Centro Comunitário da Turística na 14º área – Rua Renato Consorte, 36

22/08/17 at Salão da Associação dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra – Rua Félix Guilhem, 227 (Lapa de Baixo).

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