We have successfully closed the Financial Education Training Cycle in Lapa!

The event was very exciting. Participants summarized the course with the points that most impacted each one. Many felt free to share their learning experiences and the topics briefly mentioned were:

  • Financial life spans personal life and vice versa
  • Organization of incomes and expenses (list and categorize)
  • Definition of possible goals (analyzing the past itself, but with a new perspective)
  • Define the order of priorities (actions, goals, etc…)
  • Creation of a functional budget spreadsheet (it is not just an exercise in transcribing numbers, you must use the spreadsheet throughout the month and not just at the end of it)
  • The budget of the house should be discussed together with the family (who lives together)
  • Initiative to solve problems and challenges (do not ignore debts, lack of control… later it will be much worse)
  • Investigate problems (if the person has a debt he/she has to investigate it)
  • Action planning (creation of an execution plan)
  • Separate personal budget from business budget

The transformation of each:

At this point a lot was said, completing the points above and beyond, so we share André’s storyhere: he had a surf and skate store for 3 years. The store was robbed and he didn’t know when to stop.He lost a lot of money because he was afraid of failing. Having no more choises, he closed his store. He went through a separation and that made him even more depressed.

In the past, he was barely able to walk on the sidewalk of the old establishment. Today, his life is in full transformation: he overcame the issue with the establishment, he feels more excited and happy about life.

In the first advisory, he told usabout debts he had with the old company. At first, he wanted to leave the debts to clear it up next year. We asked him about the debts, if he knew exactly the amount, how he was going to negotiate it. We set as a goal that he brings this to us to analyze. He brought everything, he found it was bigger than he thought. And he rethought about the idea of paying only next year.

In closing, he brought us the invoices of the first debts paid. He wanted to show it, he wanted to share it. For André, the course was (and still is) very important, in order to overcome his problems. And more than just getting over it, the course guided him on how to do it. André was opened to this. I think it is important to understand the course as a whole that encompasses classes, events, but also the entire web of knowledge and affection exchanged between the participants themselves. Participants became friends with each other and I understand that this security space contributed a lot to develop learning.

After the summary, we made time for clarification. What made us very excited and happy was that the participants themselves created autonomy to pass on the knowledge they learned. During this time they gave tips to each other, shared their learnings and experiences. One of the participants (Mayra) remembered the phrase said by Professor Edson (Trampos do Amanhã) at IBMEC and shared with the other participants “Goals are dreams with dates”.

Then, we delivered the certificates with the advisory sheets, we took pictures and whoever felt at ease recorded a video commenting on the course. The coffee table was full: everyone brought some contributions and, as I mentioned with some of you, we had music. Paulo (volunteer) delivered the certificates. He has been with us since the second training (06/11) and his work was incredible: he was always careful and extremely committed.

These people’s lives have been transformed. And the most interesting thing, as they pointed out, the course didn’t end yesterdayit continues to reverberate in everyone’s daily life as a living organism. Just like the learning process.

The participants left with autonomy and security to share knowledge, they are protagonists of their stories. As André said at the end of the first advisory “Raquel *, the incredible is that we can change!”

Yes! We can. Every day!

* Raquel Simão is part of the AdC team and was present throughout the training cycle assisting and teaching our incredible participants. Thanks Raquel <3

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