Valuing your own business and understanding its power: results of commitment

Janaina and Anderson (her husband) opened their own planned furniture business in early 2017. The desire to work in this area came from Anderson’s previous professional experience: he worked in an industrial joinery. Despite not working directly with the furniture production, Janaina says that he always showed interest in this area and that they talked a lot about it. Over time they realized that they wanted more than to talk… they also wanted to produce planned furniture.

From the knowledge of Anderson they started the business in their own residence. The beginning had been difficult, the couple produced small pieces of decoration and it restricted the potential of the business. According to Janaina, the “ISC Project – Building New Paths” helped the couple to better develop the enterprise and set goals.

At the beginning Jana had great difficulty in advertising her brand and says that one of the important things she learned during her experience with Aventura de Construir was the use of the social network Instagram and the “#” (hashtag).The hashtag is a tool used in the social networks in question to increase the reach of the posted content.

Another initial difficulty noted by Janaina was the lack of security in offering her products to an audience that had greater purchasing power than her own. According to her, self-worth was achieved day after day with much effort and determination.

In May 2019 she and her husband furnished a complete apartment with their own furniture in Jardins, a neighborhood with high purchasing power. Janaina told about this event with great emotion and showing that she had overcome her initial insecurity. She believes more and more in the quality and advances of her business.

Today she feels much more excited than a year ago as a result of all these achievements. He feels wiser and safer with the knowledge developed and assimilated. The quality of life of Janaina’s family also increased significantly that year: they pay their bills on time and still manage to make some trips that they did not do when her husband worked in the joinery.

Janaina had always been organized regarding her expenses. Before starting a business she already noted expenses and sources of income. But she presents its own way of recording data: notebooks.

Nowadays she has two notebooks: one in which she notes business income and expenses and another for the domestic budget. Janaina says that this was a lesson learned during the training of the Project, as well as accounting for the abrasion of her machines when producing a budget.

In the past Janaina had a family debt on the card that she was unable to remedy. It made new purchases on the card unfeasible. When the business started to develop, Janaina renegotiated debts and in July paid the sixth installment of a total of nine. During this period all your purchases are made in cash or in billet.

She is good at negotiating and today she is also quick to think about planning. To buy the machine, for example, she couldn’t count on a card, but she was not discouraged: she sold her car and negotiated the price of the machine.

Today she finds that she has more patience in analyzing her business data. Performs a much more detailed survey than before. And as the situation is more favorable, today she and her husband are able to sell smaller products at a lower cost without necessarily asking for an entry.

Jana shared with us that both at the beginning of the ISC Project and in the consultancies she felt insecure about presenting a business that she thought was not concrete. But the treatment received was the opposite: they always treated their enterprise as something possible and real. This helped Jana and her husband to believe more in each other’s potential and in the quality of the work developed.

Janaina, who had always been a housewife, noticed an interest in new areas: she wants to take a course in industrial design and to study management. The interest did not come alone, she studies a lot and increasingly realizes that her knowledge takes her to many new places and situations.

She says that in the beginning there was not even a screwdriver and today… after so many positive changes, the couple’s goal is to have a warehouse to further increase the structure of the business.

 Janaina has always worked as a housewife and from this new setting she started to study accounting and administration and Anderson was initially responsible for the production of furniture.

Today Janaina also understands production and aims to take a drawing course. The prospects have increased and so has the business. In 2019 the couple managed to buy a professional cutting machine.

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