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Cristina Yumi Niizu is 45 years old and has experienced all the difficulties of raising a child alone. She worked for many years as an early childhood education teacher.He earned a good salary, but his stress level was very high due to problems experienced in his professional life, such as a very high workload.

The entrepreneur faced a serious health problem a few years ago: breast cancer.Cristina went through the necessary procedures and is now in a much more favorable situation. She follows the medical monitoring with commitment, guaranteeing her well-being.

As she points out, the disease caused her to be born again. She rethought her behavior and her way of living. From this, she dedicated herself to studying and professionalizing in alternative therapies (such as acupuncture and floral therapies) and decided to open her own business.

Currently, she works as an acupuncturist, massage therapist and floral therapist. Until July of this year, she divided her workday between a third-party clinic where she provided her services and her own room that she rent in the neighborhood of Água Branca in the West Zone of São Paulo. In June, she opened a MEI and gradually started her transition to dedicate exclusively to your own enterprise. At the end of July, he completely disconnected from the other clinic she worked.

With the guidance of Aventura de Construir (training and assistance), Cris identified the initial difficulties of her enterprise and devised solutions to increase the profitability and sustainability of his business.

She made it a habit to write down her expenses and income and separate the home and business budget. As a result, she punctually checked the excesses that hindered her budget and changed her habits: in July the entrepreneur spent a lot on food outside the home, this number, in September, reached half.

Spending control and cutting unnecessary expenses were positive actions for her to understand and continue her organization with determination and motivation.

In addition to her office, Cristina does home visits, and during these visits, she often ended up not organizing and left late to meet her clients, having the most effective alternative to cover this delay, taking a Taxi to arrive at schedule. In July, she spent too much on this unplanned transport, while in September, this expenditure fell a lot, which resulted in savings that made a big difference in her budget.

This action indicates a growth in their professionalism with punctuality with their customers and the possibility of increasing the number of active customers on their agendaorganizing themselves to serve more and better.

Her billing fluctuates according to the time and urgency of its clients for the treatment of muscular tensions, pain and physical and mental stress, but with planning, the fluctuations do not despair Cristina.

Before Aventura de Construir, her billing and spending data was disorganized.She did not have a clear visualization of entry and exit, but during this three-month period here, she is managing to perform this count in a systematic way.

In September, her sales followed a growth line in relation to August, therefore, her average sales, during the last three months, grew a lot. Taking into account her general expenses, it is possible to verify that her  business has a profit with the possibility of growth.With the profit, Cristina manages to save and has some investments in the bank.

She tells us that, based on her experiences with Aventura de Construir, she managed to expand her learning web both in technical and personal matters.Cristina learned to value herself and with that she became a safer woman.And she will not stop! She recently participated in the training “Healthy eating is good for financial health” to further expand her knowledge on the subject.

Cris says she has more quality of life now, anxiety and worries have given way to happier moments: she recently met her granddaughter, who lives with her son and wife in Aracaju.Today, Cristina manages to fulfill a wish that has existed for a long time: she planned and sends financial aid (directly from her salary) to her son at least once every two months.

The entrepreneur is aware that she needs to evolve more. But today, unlike a few years ago, she has a north and knows where to go.

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