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On July 23rd, we ended the training cycle “Trampos do Amanhã”. In addition to the 1st and last meeting here in Lapa, the participants had the opportunity to visit IBMEC and the gastronomic center Eataly.

The visit to IBMEC was attended by Professor Edson. In addition to the business school tour, Edson gave an incredible talk to the participants. Formality didn’t show up! The teacher used his personal experiences and good humor to open the minds of the participants and encouraged each one to reinvent themselves more and more and extract from the present moment the maximum power that the instant guarantees. It was beautiful to see the expressions of each participant: glazed eyes at Edson’s playful deconstruction.

He explored the concept of IKIGAI (Japanese word meaning “something that keeps us alive”, “a reason to live”) to invite participants to get to know each other and discover their own IKIGAI. Always taking into consideration: the purpose, the passion and the skill of each one.

Edson also used a self-knowledge model in order to expand the competence of each one. It is the CHA(KSA) that is constituted by Knowledge + Skill + Attitude.It is a tool to rethink life and our skills. Ways to organize dreams.And according to Edson, “goals are dreams with dates”

Regarding technological advances, Edson advised that one of the functions of technology is to enhance the skills of each one and make difficult processes simpler. But it is necessary to pay attention so that the identity of each one is not lost. It is important to understand where we came from to be able to define where we are going.

At EATALY we were welcomed by Olivia (marketing director). She conducted the tour with an incredible didactic: she explained the history of Eataly and its differentials. As we walked through space, we quickly noticed the three existing pillars that Olivia commented initially: buy, eat and learn. It is possible to buy products, sit down and enjoy a coffee and learn in a course or with a book.

For the gastronomic center to grow, according to Olivia, it was necessary to do more than reproduce Italian cuisine: it was necessary to understand the public, also taking into account Brazilian cuisine. In the cheese sector, for example, Eataly has space for cheeses from Minas Gerais, and values the supply by micro-entrepreneurs.

Olivia told us that Eataly is always ready to reinvent itself in an attentive and agile way. Whether for not reaching the monthly goals or for any other reason: they have already promoted a puppy fair in front of the space, theme fairs, special offers etc.

Edson arrived after the tour and we held a closing conversation circle complementing the experiences lived at IBMEC with those of Eataly. He asked us to look out the window: we saw a person working in a room where gastronomy courses are held. The room was being cleaned and Edson asked: “Do you know who is that person working there?”No one replied. He continued: “He is the CEO of Eataly. He is 32 years old and is working out of an office. He is working while they clean the room”.

Edson used this example to resume his speech at IBMEC: breaking stereotypes and showing the importance of adapting to different realities. He ended his speech by saying that life is not destiny but a path. And he highlighted the following points to enhance this path: empathy, centrality, respect and adaptability.

 Participants were delighted with the space. At least five are interested in the area of gastronomy. The final conversation with Edson further encouraged them to pursue their goals concretely and think of real ways on how to implement them.

At the closure that happened in Lapa a self-knowledge test was applied, from the beginning it was made clear that there was no right or wrong answer. Our goal there, was to get to know each other more and understand how each one acts in the face of a certain reality.

The conversation was very productive. The participants were able to get to know each other and perceive the transformations that they were immersed. According to one of the participants, at the beginning of the cycle, he felt very shy and introspective and today he noticed a change in his behavior. He has more security in his communication and that makes him feel better and more willing. According to him, Professor Edson’s speech contributed a lot to this transformation.

In addition to the test, the public participated in the dynamics of those present. Eight matching bags were placed on top of the stage. Silvia told the participants that they could get them. At first, they stood looking. Then one of the participants asked if she could get started. This was the first action of the dynamic. We made participants feel free to see how they interacted with reality. The actions were diverse and in the end, everyone was very satisfied with what they had won. But they remembered that if someone was not satisfied they could change.

The dynamic was very interesting because it shows how each one acts in the face of reality. Whether asking if you could start, or choosing from the others. Each of these actions shows a little about each one.

In general, the topics discussed were:

  • Self confidence

Leaving the comfort zone, facing new challenges and thriving requires great self-confidence. To do this, you need to train yourself. In this way, we are strengthening and gaining more and more security in our speeches, but also in our actions. However, you need to be careful. Too much self-confidence can get in the way. You have to be cautious.

  • Planning

Edson was quoted during several moments, and one of the phrases that the participants remember was “Goal is a dream with a date”.It is necessary to measure dreams, scrutinize the objectives and always ask us the reasons.

  • Persistence

Don’t give up on things easily, we won’t always succeed on the first try. Quite the contrary. This should not discourage us. However, persistence is very different from stubbornness.

  • Flexibility

Understand the need to change strategy according to the reality shown.

It was exciting to hear the participants’ reports and how the experiences in the four meetings transformed their lives beyond the spaces we circulate. Learning when it is concrete is not restricted to a place, it overflows and that is what we experienced together in this formation cycle.

At the end we delivered a form with some questions so that the participants could share their transformations from the four meetings:

Some striking phrases:

“At all times I learned a lot, but the visit to IBMEC brought me a deeper reflection on how to put the actions into practice to achieve my goals.”

“The four meetings were very constructive, but at IBMEC and Eataly had a differential because it was something new.”

“The meetings show me that it is important to be open to innovation. Today I also realized how important it is to participate in this conversation circle, to be open to listening and talking about various subjects. ”

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