To go far, go accompanied

Beneficial Concert in an old Italian basilica.

On October 26, we held another fundraising event for our activities. This time, we crossed the Atlantic Ocean to take a little of our history and we had a memorable concert.

The idea of the name of the concert came from an African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go accompanied ”. To go far, go with friends, or in Italian Per andare lontano, go in compagnia.

The event took place in the basilica of San Magno, city of Legnano, in the north of Italy, close to where our president was born and studied, and featured a great partner of ours, the Brazilian pianist Marcelo Cesena.

Considered the ambassador of Brazilian music in the world, Marcelo Cesena is a pianist, composer and music producer, based in Los Angeles and known worldwide for his compositions and shows held in several countries around the world, such as the USA, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Israel and others.

The concert took place in a historic and highly admired place for the city of Legnano. The Basilica of San Magno is the main church in the region and was built in 1504 in an architecture with Renaissance features, frescoes by many famous painters, such as Bernardino Luini, and an imposing dome in a bramante style. A separate visual spectacle for those who contemplate the building that currently houses a collection of breathtaking arts. And speaking of breathtaking art, the concert also featured the participation of the internationally famous Coro Jubilate.

The event that sustained art as a factor of dialogue with the heart of every man and every woman showed us once again the power it has to help us discover beauty and make us reflect on the meaning of life.

With this proposal, we take our experience to other audiences in order to awaken a collective reflection and show how our work tries to offer an answer to the lives of so many low income microentrepreneurs.

And for us, that stayed here, following this unique event far away, we shared some comments from the present audience and a series of photos showing the beauty of this moment that became real from many important partnerships, the dedication of all involved (from the Brazilian Consulate to local governments and local schools and associations at the level of Rotary and Lions) and a generous dash of art.


Thank you very much, Silvia! It was a pleasure to learn more about the work of your NGO. The concert was wonderful and we enjoyed it too. It really was a special night. Let’s keep in touch! Kind regards!

Lígia, from the Brazilian Consulate

Today my day, like that of many choristers, was marked by commotion with the memory of the concert. We really have to thank the Lord for giving us this opportunity, both so unforeseen and meaningful. The excitement of a moment passes quickly, the awareness of an encounter remains for life: I am sure that yesterday’s event will remain in our hearts forever. Based on his extraordinary testimony that brings to mind the words of São Bento: “it was necessary for the daily to become heroic, and the heroic to become daily”. Marcelo’s expressive strength also affected us, and I really hope that I can work with him again.

Paolo Alli, Conductor of the Jubilate Choir

It was also for each of us a really special night, a moment of shared beauty out of the ordinary.

A few days ago these words of Pope Benedict XVI passed through my eyes: “At this time we saw and heard that there is an intact part of the world, even after the tower and the pride of Babel, and it is music: the language that we can all understand, because it touches the hearts of all of us. This, for us, is not just a guarantee that the goodness and beauty of God’s creation are not destroyed, but that we are called and able to work for the good and the beautiful, and are even a promise that the future world that will come, that God triumphs, that beauty and goodness win”.

I believe that there is no comment more appropriate to what we, thanks to you and Marcelo, experienced on Friday. For that, we are really grateful for this concert.

Sandro Chierici, of the Jubilate Choir

This was a wonderful evening! Everything perfectly organized. How beautiful and a lot of beautiful people!

Cinzia Abbondio, from Fondazione Umano Progresso

I am happy to write to you and thank you because, thanks to the concert that was sometimes joyful and sometimes moving, once again I experienced how much Pasquale (deceased husband) is alive and present in our life, through his always new and nothing obvious company.

A hug and I wish you all the best.

Grazia, marketing manager for a major advertising agency in Milan

…thanks for the wonderful evening yesterday, and congratulations on everything you did in Brazil.

Mauro Barbero, president of Rotary in Legnano

Exciting! Marcelo really woke up our heart!

Bruna Oldrini

You were very good, also in involving many collaborators and young people. A hug to Silvia, who I think will be satisfied with all points of view.

Sergio and Mary Rossi, friends

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