The Simone and Milene’s success story

The Simone and Milene’s success story

Two entrepreneurs and a great desire to grow.

Today is the time to learn the story of Simone and Milene, sisters, who own a beauty center in Perus, in the outskirts of São Paulo, also protagonists of our institutional video released earlier this month.

Their story intersected ours when Milene attended a beauty class at the ATST community center and heard about the workshops for microentrepreneurs offered by Aventura de Construir. The sisters started attending the workshops and then requested the individual advisory service, in search of customized solutions for their business. At that time, their situation was very different: both worked in an informal way, using their mother’s apartment to receive the clients, Simone offering hair, nail and eyebrow services, in which she specialized during nine years of work in the beauty market, and Milene offering depilation service. The dream of expanding the business already existed, but there were many drawbacks, such as the lack of money to rent a space, the expenditure commitments on Simone’s marriage that was close, and the uncertainty about the customers’ adherence to the new location.

A month and a half after the first advisory, in last September, Simone and Milene found a place to rent, took out a loan, made a small renovation, bought some furniture and opened the new beauty center. Spacious and pleasant, it is well located at a very busy point. Therefore, it was time to work to attract old and new customers. We had other advisory sessions on marketing, mainly around the neighborhood, consistent communication with old contacts on WhatsApp and Facebook, and making better use of their social media channels: showing their jobs, offering promotions and involving more people.

At the same time, we began to work with the financial sustainability and organization of the business. We advised the addition of a variety of products for sale in partnership with other entrepreneurs of the area, thus using in a better way the large space available and generating a significant extra income for them. Both started to report frequently the income and expenses in spreadsheets and created a monthly work plan in order not to be distracted from the administrative responsibilities.

Today, the beauty center has a larger volume of attendance and sales, it is more consolidated in the new location and got new loyal customers. The desire to grow keeps Simone and Milene improving and seeking better solutions for their business.

Silvia Caironi

Want to be even more inspired ? Here’s what they tell in the complete video:

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