The power of volunteering in times of crisis

An own volunteer program aims to function as an institutional tool to disseminate values ​​such as citizenship, solidarity, ethics, social justice, tolerance and social inclusion. All these aspects are related to the promotion of integral human development, so that both volunteers and recipients of volunteering are benefited. This results in a chain where everyone involved wins in some way. In fact, about this “win-win” relationship, we have a very nice text that can be read here.

Valuing the skills and experiences of volunteers so that their knowledge can be shared is the main objective of the volunteering program of Aventura de Construir. It is about transforming volunteers into collaborating agents for the socioeconomic growth of the communitiesgrowth, as well as thepersonalof each one, improving the quality of life by generating income for hundreds of lives in the peripheries.

In a moment of crisis like the current one, triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, we already have a clear perception that we need to be prepared for a world of many changes. And for that, one of the best ways is continuous learning. That is why a volunteer program is so important and has enormous potential, as it is possible to plan and implement activities that continuously meet the needs that each situation requires. In addition to loving your neighbor, you need to follow up in depth to advance the expected results of voluntary actions and it is to give this support that we are here!

There are multiple possibilities for volunteering, but at the moment there are some more urgent needs like, for example, advising the Aventura de Construir public to maintain the sustainability of their respective ventures in the midst of the crisis. If you can offer at least two hours a month of voluntary advice, don’t delay the help that can make a difference today!

Want to participate? Send an email to with the title: I want to be a volunteer. In the body of the email, specify the area that you can support (such as risk management, marketing and finance) and whether you have a preference for undertakings in a specific industry (such as fashion, health and beauty, gastronomy, etc.). After that, we will talk to you to align the training, methodology, how and to whom you will provide advice voluntarily! For this, we have a special Volunteer Institutional Guide to also share with youyou, in casewant to understand better.

If you are from an organization and want to support ADC’s volunteer program in some other way, contact us via the same email and share your idea with us. Then we set up a conversation to deepen the possibilities of partnership. There are always ways to volunteer, just keep your feet on the ground and be willing to get your hands dirty!

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