Sustainability Case

Our sustainability case this month tells a little about the entrepreneurial journey of a resident in Jardim Canaã, a neighborhood on the west side of São Paulo. Maria Alcione is an entrepreneur who acquired her expertise before even owning her own business.

2019 was a very special year for this enterprising woman. Since her first consultation, on January 24th of that same year, Alcione has shown herself to be an open, active and very focused person in sales and improvements for the business. She ran a store, Boutique Canaã, inside a galleria in Jardim Canaan, which was not hers: she was hired by a former sister-in-law of her husband and was paid daily; there was no commission on sales.

In the face of situations outside the curve, we perceive people who are differentiated, because even without commission, Alcione invented and reinvented everything she could , even when she could not do everything, since she depended on the endorsement of the owners to increase sales in the store: she made bags for deliveries, placed orders according to client suggestions, made herself available on social networks for interaction with clients, posted photos, etc. She really understood what it was to sell and what it took to sell.

In her first consultation, she already indicated that her dream was to have her own business, and for that, she had the support of her husband, Paulo. So her consultations with Aventura de Construir have always been directed in two parts: talking about the updated situation of the store and the improvements she made there, receiving tips and feedbacks from our advisors, and also about planning and structuring a new business, how to start it from scratch and achieve the desired success.

With the tips of Aventura de Construir, Alcione improved by approximately 45% the sales volume of the store where she worked, with her strategies and active salesperson profile, but even so, she was not valued and that discouraged her a lot.  

In September 2019, discouragement gave way to courage, and the entrepreneur decided that she would no longer be trapped, that she would fly on her own and be most responsible for her success.

It had the collaboration and advice of Aventura de Construir so that this process was as planned and well structured as possible.  

Maria Alcione rented a property and even before its opening, she already received praise from people who passed in front of the store, saying that the details were getting beautiful and that they were looking forward to the opening. Then, on November 2, 2019, her first venture was inaugurated: the Alcione Dias store – “Being in Fashion is being yourself”.

With great care and many details carefully thought to please her clients, she managed to open with much success.

For example, she designed a coffee corner, with cookies, chocolate, several types of coffee, among other treats, so that customers feel this affection in the service:

Since when this idea came up, she and her husband (who has a formal job) saved money to be able to make the investment in her business.

Our focus in 2020 with Maria Alcione is that the sustainability of the her business is maintained and that finances and planning are always organized so that she becomes an innovative manager.  

One of the most pleasant things about our consultations, specifically talking about 2019, was seeing the tangible evolution of entrepreneurs. Alcione is an example of a lot of perseverance and willpower to start a new business, as she did her best, even when the conditions were not favorable to do so. Even when she was not valued.

Listening to the entrepreneur’s gratitude for Aventura de Construir during this process is priceless.This motivates us to do even more in 2020, hoping that people like Maria Alcione, with an idea from paper to reality, become more common.

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