Sustainability Case

Despite the seriousness of the situation by COVID 19, we decided to share this case because it helps to understand the work we do and the vulnerability of our public in the face of this emergency.

Ezio has a snack shop in Freguesia do Ó, being highlighted as a case of sustainability in August 2015. It has been 4 years since then, and despite some moments of distance, he did not allow this distance to be definitive and continues to be guided by Aventura de Construir.

Raising the awareness of the beneficiaries is a fundamental role of Aventura de Construir, but we know that, for changes to occur in a concrete way, a mutual relationship between us and the beneficiary is necessary.

In December 2014, when he changed the address of his establishment to one near his home, he took into account: travel time and gas costs. This change took months of preparation, so the entrepreneur started a savings account. When changing his enterprise, withdrawals were made in the first eight months, with the objective of paying rent and some other expenses, accounting for a total in withdrawals of 80% of savings.After this moment, the enterprise started to be sustained, Ezio knew that this start would be difficult, since he needed to establish the brand of his establishment.

In 2019, the project’s monthly sales and its profit were great. Compared to 2015, the change was minimal. According to Ezio, these numbers have stabilized, except for a few critical months. But nowadays, he feels much more secure in his actions: he has a solid relationship with his suppliers.

On 11/12/2019, looking for an update, he participated in the event ProtagonizAí, a full day of reflection on the paths of Social Impact Business. Even though his time is scarce, he prioritized the event.He left with new horizons and concrete changes in mind.

Since Ezio started his enterprise, officializement was an issue for him. Although advisory and training emphasized the importance of officializing (becoming an individual Microentrepreneur – MEI), he has always presented some justification.

At the end of 2019, Ezio mentioned his difficulty in carrying out the necessary procedures to officialize the enterprise and sought Aventura de Construir’s could guide him. The process has been completed, but it doesn’t end there. Ezio is in the process of getting the business license and taking all the necessary steps to do so.

In February 2020, the entrepreneur held the mandatory course “Course on Good Food Handling Practices” aimed to the owners of the food trade, conducted by the Regional Health Coordination of São Paulo.  

In addition, he contacted the owner of the place he rents to get the necessary documents for the permit and he has already notarized at the registry office.

Attitudes like those demonstrates Ezio’s maturity and protagonism.The journey is still long and so there are bureaucracies, besides, Ezio reported that he has been experiencing a series of family problems in 2019, but the entrepreneur remains firm.

In many consultancies, Ezio complained about the confusion that existed in organs such as the sub-prefecture, but this year, we noticed that his behavior also changed, he created the habit of writing down doubts to improve communication and feel more secure.

Some of Ezio’s doubts persisted, such as the issue of hiring an employee and the next steps to getting the permit. In touch with the Aventura de Construir team, we advise him to talk to Reinaldo, an accountant and volunteer who helps microentrepreneurs with training and assistance.

Ezio is already preparing his script of doubts and procedures to get ready for the dialogue with Reinaldo.

Something small, but that we share with you, is that, in one of the consultancies, we realized that Ezio needed to have more organization in his enterprise. He spent a lot of time searching for documents, and sometimes he even lost them. The guidance was simple: get a folder to store important documents and records carefully and always know where to find them up.

Less than a month ago we received a message from Ezio with a photo: a folder with the documents stored.Knowing how to identify and value changes is also necessary. It may seem small, but with it, as we can see, there are many others.

To continue following Ezio and many others, we are:

– Offering telephone and online mentoring to guide them on concrete and personalized actions according to each person’s situation;

– We launched the creation of an Emergency Fund which you can find informations about it on the link.

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