In the midst of the crisis of COVID-19 and quarantine, companies need to adapt themselves the new form of work that is developing. Working with closed doors, home office, delivery system without physical contact… also, to help in this moment, social networks are fundamental tools at this time.

In this post, we will present some tips and tools that will help you post and manage social networks.

The first is Hootsuite , which is free and has several essential functions for controlling your networks. With it you can schedule posts, post to more than one social network simultaneously, it means that you can post on your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn at once. The application even shows you all the places where your company has been mentioned on many social networks. Hootsuite helps you to keep track of your posts and your company’s appearances on the network.

Hubspot is another social networking tool, only more complete and more robust than Hootsuit. In normal times, the Hubspot is a paid tool, but in times of crisis, the website released all the usability of the application for free to entrepreneurs. With it, in addition to being able to schedule your posts and follow the mentions of your company, you can measure the performance of each social network that your company uses individually and compare the performance of your business with that of social networks and, thus, knowing where better invest your money and energy.

Of course, just using good tools will not make everything you post on your networks work, to engage your audience, you need to understand that there are 7 levels of engagement. It is a developed theory that can help you engage your audience and bring more relevance to your online page.

  • Disengagement

It happens when the person has no interest in what you post on social networks.

  • Non-systematic engagement

At this level, people do not feel framed in the message that you are sending on the networks or do not fully understand this message and therefore, they easily give up to engage.

  • Frustrated engagement

The person is interested in understanding the message of your page but due to some external distraction or inability, they get frustrated and loses interest quickly.

  • Structure-dependent engagement

This happens when the person engages only when there is a planned question and answer structure, that is, it depends on the communication being made that way to react (polls, questions, etc.).

  • Self-regulating interest

This is the type of engagement where the person has a real interest in your brand. Somehow, what is posted completes a part of it interested in interacting with the page. It is usually a personal interest and not necessarily with your page.

  • Critical engagement

By the message you convey on the company page, you get people to take actions that move their personal lives, inspired by you.

  • Polite thinking

The ideal engagement. The interaction with your page is due to the complete understanding of the message, values, feelings, knowledge and previous experiences that are aligned with your company’s thinking.

Analyzing the 7 levels mentioned, you can separate your potential customers and create personalized strategies to reach each level of engagement and, knowing where your client is, you can find out how much is left to reach the ideal level of engagement.

Understanding the engagement levels is important so that you, as a company, can understand where your biggest engagement bottleneck is and transform your social media reality.

Use this template and make the necessary changes. Online, things change frequently and with an incredible speed. We need to always be aware of these changes and follow them in real time. Stay tuned and be part of the change!

And finally a very simple tip: at the moment what matter is not that someone tells us what to do, but that we always know why we decided to do it. It is time to ask the purpose of each decision and action … only then we respond to an emergency that apparently overcomes us, but which has the potential to make us grow a lot!

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