Sell to Grow training cycle

In October and November, Aventura de Construir held the “Sell to grow” training cycle here in Lapa. There were three training sessions focused on techniques to improve the sales of your business divided into three themes: physical and face-to-face sales; sales system; point of sale.

On October 15th, the first training was given by Cláudio Ferreira, Subway Commercial Director focused on physical sales, the second, attended by Janete Jhun, Partner at Joias Fany, on October 24th talking about sales systems . Finally, on November 26th, the conversation with Camila Forte, Category Management and Trade Marketing Specialist at Nestle Yogurtes at Nestlé.

To be a great seller and boost sales of your business you need to follow some guidelines and values that will be added to your products. It is important that you believe in what you are selling, that you have security and knowledge of your products. The confidence and good humor of the seller greatly interfere in how the customer accepts his suggestions and information about his purchase.

Understanding that the sales process does not end when the product is sold is a good strategy for building customer loyalty and maintaining the relationship with them. Realize that it is essential that a good salesperson knows how to listen. Customers are much more interested in telling their stories than listening, so for a good relationship, the salesperson needs to know how to listen and use it to their advantage.

In order to improve your sales process, you can serve more people and with more quality, we need to talk about the systems that help you do this. To achieve the sale, several factors take place in the background, such as inventory management, invoice issuance, salesperson management, etc., etc., etc. and for this moment of despair and overload that the sales system appears as a savior of the country.

To choose the system best suited to your reality, you need to research, study, talk to other entrepreneurs and thus make a decision. The use of a system leads to the facilitation of the implementation of an online store, where the system is the point of sale, so it is necessary to study, plan and have complete control of your enterprise to maximize gains and reduce losses your business.

Now you have a good salesperson and a good store system, how can you improve your sales point?

To improve your sales point you need to think about 4 main points to be able to remodel and restructure your store:

  • Who is my CONSUMER and what can PROMOTE THE PURCHASE?
  • What is the importance of the POINT OF SALE and how to exploit it more efficiently to INCREASE SALES?
  • How to define the IDEAL MIX of products and how to EXPOSE YOUR PRODUCTS in the best way?
  • How to explore VISIBILITY in the store?

You need to understand these four points to define who your customer is and, thus, improve your point of sale. This exercise is fundamental because it defines who your customers are and this is different for each enterprise.

There are two types of purchases: planned (rational) and impulse (emotional) and you need to know how to explore these two types of purchases. Impulse purchase is one in which your consumer does not leave the house with the intention of buying, so this is a type of action that is completely influential in your PDV. In today’s world, people have become dependent on one thing: the cell phone. So, within your point of sale, you need tools to take the attention of these people off the screen of your smartphone such as the location of products on the shelf and the use of additional materials so that your consumer truly looks at your products.

You need to adjust the exposure of your goods according to your customer and the basics can never be missing. Let’s use the example of a car. What makes a car work? Petrol, engine, steering wheel, etc. The car needs the basic things to work, because there is no point in a car with all the technology, on-board computer, if the engine doesn’t work. This is also true for your store, but the variety of products within your point of sale is important, but it is even more necessary that the basic products are there to win your sale and your customer.

Thus, we ended the training courses in 2019 and we hope to continue counting on you for the next years. Follow the Aventura de Construir on social networks and be another one in this adventure of building your business!

Finally, I still have a proposal for you. You need to know the Polen platform. It is a platform for you who would like to help nonprofit institutions and associations to maintain their work with their donations through sales and online purchases. It works for individuals who would like to donate and online stores that want to support as well. Access the website at this link and check out this work.

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