Sabotage the underground with art and protagonism

On the 18th of January, Saturday, part of the AdC team met with micro-entrepreneurs, at the Vila Prudente Station, to jointly honor the exhibition “Identifying Protagonists”. The diversity of the audience made the tone of the conversation even more powerful: not only were those who participated in the project, but also their children, friends, other microentrepreneurs accompanied by the AdC; new and old volunteers were also present. Solange Santos and Renan Andrade Silva, representing the Culture Line of the São Paulo Metropolitan, were also present.

The desire to share and hear experiences was wide open by everyone and not even the intense noise, recurring from a busy season, was able to disturb the meeting.

The flow of the conversation followed beautifully with the flow of the public between one photo and another. Photographer Diego de Carvalho told about his experience during the incredible process of recording the work of these microentrepreneurs who are leading transformations in the outskirts of São Paulo.

According to Diego, the success of the exhibition was also a consequence of the connection created with each person, after all, telling the story of others requires immersion in daily life, telling stories is not just pressing a button … it requires responsibility: “a portraitist looks at the conjunction as a whole and the photo is much cleaner, and then a connection is created ”.

Renan Andrade added that, just as the photo is a part, “an exhibition is a result of many research projects”.

Sabrina, Camila, Nea and Nathalia are examples of microentrepreneurs who participated in the project and were present at the meeting.

Isaac, Sabrina’s son, poses in one of the photos with his broad smile. The family owns a small market on the west side of São Paulo and everyone cooperates to strengthen the project. Sabrina shared that, for Isaac, being part of an exhibition like this made him extremely proud and more committed to the tasks performed in the daily life of the enterprise.

According to Camila, who develops natural aesthetics products, “at the beginning we want to give up all the time”, but she says that the AdC came up at this moment to guide, accompany and believe in the microentrepreneur. Nea, owner of a ranch, says that her exposed photo moved the family dynamics: “they call me and tell me they saw me on the subway”.

Everyone there shared the same opinion: sharing experiences strengthens our history. The creativity of the other in solving a certain challenge gets yours started! To inspire.

Nathalia works with her mother, Ângela Maria, in a creperie and pastry shop, also in the west of São Paulo. If at the beginning she shared a feeling of sadness, saying that the typical behavior of people is to stop buying products in their own neighborhood because it diminishes the periphery and praise the central neighborhoods, in the end, Nathalia’s shyness did not stop her from saying that the meeting of that day motivated her to face the challenges, understanding that she is not alone.

Camila concludes: “It is very cool for my self-esteem as a microentrepreneur to see me through the eyes of another professional, because sometimes we don’t see ourselves, we don’t see how powerful we are”. We at AdC know that just as an exhibition is the result of a lot of research, the strength of these micro-entrepreneurs is also the result of many processes … processes that do not end.

Adriana, a beneficiary of the AdC for over a year, has a publisher together with her family that publishes books on autism from her son’s experiences, despite not participating in this project specifically, she was present at the meeting and said she saw the exhibition more than once and recommended it to her family and friends. Adriana vibrated with each story, after all, she identified with them. This feeling seems to take over people who walk through the exhibition as well.

Participants claimed that, after this experience, they began to notice even more the other underground exhibitions.

Ricardo Pandolfi, Communication and Marketing manager for the São Paulo Metro, despite not being present, sent a message encouraging microentrepreneurs and emphasizing their importance in the Brazilian economy.

At first, a subway station, may not be the ideal space for an exhibition, however, if we shift our eyes a little, we can come across wonderful experiences, like this meeting.

We at AdC thank the entire São Paulo Metropolitan team that contributed (and contributes) to make this experience possible, and to all those present who shared their stories with courage and inspiration!

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