We are living in a turbulent moment that we have to overcome with creativity and without losing hope so we can live in the present.

Aventura de Construir has been following microentrepreneurs closely since 2013 and we saw the need to get even closer to these small entrepreneurs during the pandemic. With social distance we reinvented ourselves and our advisory services became virtual, video call, phone call, message. We strive to not abandon those who need it most during the crisis: the periphery.

“Aventura de Construir not only helped me, it brought a lot of information and opened my mind. He taught me to do a daily administration of my enterprise and work using tools such as spreadsheets, not only showing them, but also following our learning.

“I don’t know how to thank you.Because in fact you give me the strength to be able to go through this difficult phase, that we are all going through. With all this learning, you make me more busy, strengthen my ideas with techniques and also give me strength! I see a real solution!”

This statement from Marcela, an entrepreneur from Pirituba who has a beauty salon and receiving this type of message surprises us because we understand that our work is having a transforming effect.

Especially at this time, the Association realized the need to be close to micro-entrepreneurs, as it is a time of uncertainty for people who depend on their business to support their family. In addition to offering all the technical support, Aventura de Construir is always alert to the opportunities that arise from projects with partners to involve our audience. This is the case of the Protagonizai project in partnership with the Tide Setubal Foundation.

“Aventura de Construir has been guiding me in everything, the organization works as an extra help in my business, always thinking about solutions to help me in administrative and financial matters. I learned how to budget and cash flow with them. I feel so welcomed that I’m not ashamed to ask questions that seem obvious… it’s important for us to improve our business. They always listen to my ideas and help me to support and execute them with knowledge.

And now, at this moment, they gave me a lot of guidance regarding the prevention of the pandemic. They give support and introduce me new things, such as the Matchfunding Tender that I’m competing for. I didn’t know about crowdfunding campaigns and Aventura de Construir not only showed me new possibilities to face this difficult moment, but also guided us towards this, always looking for concrete and possible solutions.”  Sabrina, entrepreneur of Vila Aurora, owner of a small market in the region.

Being closer, we see the primary requirements more clearly and, therefore, we decided to create an Emergency Fund to help microentrepreneurs who are in extreme difficulty to maintain their business. To donate is very easy, just click here and make your donation. That way it will contribute to a dream extension of an enterprise of its own in regions as vulnerable as the peripheries, witnessed by Reginaldo, who makes cakes in the Vila Aurora region, in an audio he sent us this week.

“Hi guys from Aventura de Construir. I am Reginaldo and I participate of NGO Aventura de Construir and I am here to show my gratitude to you and tell you a little bit of my story. I’m very satisfied with what you’ve been doing for us.

Last year (2019) I had a confectionery business and looking to innovate, improve the way I serve customers and better manage my business I looked for Aventura de Construir. I participated of some training sessions and then asked to schedule a consultation. The advisor accompanied me at the end of the year to look for a way to attract more customers and increase inflows. In this consultancy, I was guided to identify and record the fixed and variable expenses of the business and when I went to calculate, I realized I was having a loss! I wasn’t making a profit from the business, see?

The advisor guided me to establish goals: until February I had to reach a goal to be able to continue the business, but in January I realize that I was not going to make it, so because of some problems that were happening, I decided to close down.

The Aventura de Construir support was fundamental for me to understand that I should close my business. Because they guided me to really look at the situation, put on paper, real data, numbers and not only guess… Only with the data I could see that I was not making profit.

After I closed, I kept working and serving customers from home, kept contacts and bet on word of mouth. The money was running and no longer had the cost of rent, water and electricity from the establishment.

Then the pandemic came and Aventura de Construir continued close to us, continued helping a lot. On March 23rd, the team from Aventura called me to find out how I was doing, to understand what my most urgent and family needs were. And it was great, I was in a low mood, with no perspective.

After the conversation, I received several orientations on how to face this moment: they helped me understand the emergency aid from the government and shared secure job openings and said that they could indicate me.

In addition to all this, they even opened my mind, told me about a Matchfunding Call for Proposals, Tide Setubal Foundation, I didn’t even know what it was about. But they explained to me very patiently that it was an opportunity for collective financing to face the effects of the pandemic on the periphery. It’s a new thing, you know. It is not easy to understand, but I did it.

Then I joined with other small entrepreneurs from the periphery and the team from Aventura helped us write a really cool project. We were selected and now the campaign is on the air and we are mobilizing every day to promove and collect donations and keep our projects alive.

I feel more alive, and it was really cool and different to get involved in this… I had never done any of that. We become more present to be able to work together through social medias… A lot of people have been contacting me through call to find out about the project, and I notice that I explain more and more firmly… and I feel that I am getting more involved with others, friends, this occupies my mind, and also helps to promote my business.

Me and the other entrepreneurs are becoming more and more protagonists in this project, I really liked it and I highly appreciate it. It’s a very interesting thing for us, I’m very happy.

Here is my gratitude, may God bless you, may this NGO grow continuously. We are together, I recommend your work to other entrepreneurs here in the neighborhood and I want to recommend it to others neighborhoods too… because this is essential in our lives, we need the knowledge and look for new things because without an idea, without a project and goal we don’t get anywhere and these things I learn every day with the Aventura de Construir.”

We can only get out of this crisis together. Thus, we will discover ourselves more human! Be part of this solidarity transformation!

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