Protagonists sharing knowledge! New Qualification

On February 17th, at 10 pm, we received an email with the presentation of Cristiane and Aline Moura training, microentrepreneurs and sisters, owners of the store “Reino das diapers”, located in the city of Santana do Parnaíba, in the neighborhood São Pedro .

AdC invited the two sisters to prepare the third training course in the “Creating and strengthening your business” cycle. The proposal was accepted with all necessary care and commitment. With the title “The process of a business with few resources”, Cris and Aline surprised everyone with their didactic.  

The training took place on 02/18, Tuesday, presented 18 participants, and was divided into six parts:

  1. Market survey
  2. Suppliers
  3. Negotiation x Purchase
  4. Control of monthly revenue
  5. Doubts
  6. Dynamic

At first, Cris reminded everyone that her story was no different from theirs. She also said that she hoped that new perspectives would be created through concrete knowledge, based on this common reality.

When talking about the 1st topic, she emphasized the present need, in the life of all microentrepreneurs, to ask certain questions about their businesses: “Is my business in demand in my region? How do I identify my prospect client? Who are my competitors and how do they work?”.

In sum, Cris encouraged everyone to carry out research on their ventures. And if the answers were not immediate, it was time to go get them.

Microentrepreneurs have difficulty in making contact with suppliers because they are smaller than other companies, however, Cris taught some methods to facilitate this meeting. After identification, payment on time, loyalty and a greater frequency of purchase contribute to maintaining a healthy partnership.  

The growth of the business does not end with the questions, on the contrary, they should increase, after all, this movement of reflecting on the work itself is what ensures that the enterprise becomes increasingly powerful.

“Do I understand my business? Are my sales enough for me to achieve my goals and succeed and meet my debts? ”

To start answering the questions above and so many others, Cris and Aline express as a fundamental point to first know how much your store costs. But how? Understanding and registering the company’s fixed and variable expenses.

A register is worthless if it is not used as an analysis tool, therefore, it is necessary to understand what the data shows and from them, determine goals and strategies to fulfill them.

Many forget, but it is necessary to add to the list of fixed expenses the wage compensation, also known as the widely-known salary.  

Cris and Aline showed a table of fixed and variable expenses and then everyone participated in a role playing!

The training room became a company, and in general agreement, they defined:

  1. Company Segment
  2. Fixed and variable expenses
  3. Workdays

By adding up all expenses and dividing by the days worked, the value found is the basis for understanding the business and defining the goals. And daily monitoring is essential to situate the context in which the enterprise is and, if necessary, to review the goals.

Cris and Aline shared that they are not going to take days off at Carnival, as they have daily, clear and established goals and need to meet them. The fact that they own the business does not release them from responsibilities, on the contrary.

That’s not the end! After an incredible training as this one, we had the pleasure of having Joyce Baena, founder of La Graciaa communication company that has empathy and horizontalization as some of its pillars.

One of La Gracia’s goals is to “make communication something understandable and interactive” and based on this premise, Joyce divided the participants into groups and asked them to reflect for a few moments on the daily difficulties of their businesses in the area of communication that they would like to resolve.

Then, the groups commented on their questions with the other participants. We share here some of the answers:

  • Lack of time to post on social media
  • WhatsApp, how to use this tool to boost my business?
  • How to insert my enterprise on Google Maps
  • How to create seasonal/holidays campaigns
  • Difficulty in posting photos (taking photos and editing)

The purpose of this conversation is still a secret! but I guarantee that there is more to come!

Still on the same night, we received some messages about the training and we share the one of them with you:

“Wow, I am so amazed by this course! It feels like I was sleeping soundly and now I woke up”

We are very grateful to Cris and Aline who took all the excitement and care to carry out the training on February 18th. May each one continue to become the protagonist of their own story and to inspire and contribute to the story of others.

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