Planning to win

Every Tuesday in September from 7:00 pm to 9:00 p.m., Aventura  de   Construir  will promote enabling under the title “Planning to Win” and thus continue the discussion on Planning started in August with the WORLD CAFÉ methodology: planning as a business tool, which had as objective to know the experiences of our entrepreneurs when planning and, mainly, to understand the main difficulties and challenges that are faced in the reality of each one.

At this stage of the debate, we will stimulate the interaction among entrepreneurs in the search for the understanding of the concept and the risks incurred by not elaborating a plan, both for personal activities and for the business, using as guidelines the experiences exposed in August at WORLD CAFE.  After this exercise, the entrepreneurs will put into practice the step by step of good planning, starting with the definition of the general objective, this being the main motivation of this plan.Followed by factors that will make all this come true, activities and responsibility of the decisions to be taken to put forward this project. Other equally important factors are: timeline, costs and forecast of financial return. In the end, the entrepreneurs themselves will measure the potential of their planning through what is presented and discussed in each meeting.

The “Planning to Win” capacities will bring to the entrepreneurs a reflection through the practice about planning according to their reality and stimulate actions of growth in a conscious way and, mainly, with greater chances of success. In addition to providing a more technical view by enhancing each entrepreneur’s organizational capacity and helping to grow his business, these meetings will show entrepreneurs that everyone can be able to overecome insecurity and fear when designing a good planning.

The “Planning to Win” training meetings are free and will take place from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on the following dates and locations:

• 05/September – Jardim Canaã  Community Center – Rua Ilha do Francês, 55

• 12/September – Sol Nascente Community Center in the 11th area – Rua São Francisco, 11

• 19/September – Turistica Community Center in the 14th area – Rua Renato Consorte, 36

• 26/September – Hall of the Associação dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra in Lapa de Baixo borough – Rua Félix Guilhem, 227.

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