Responsible for internal areas

Silvia Caironi

Silvia Caironi – General Coordination

Economist graduated from the Catholic University of Milan in 1993, Master of Project Management by George Washington University and certified in Project Management (PMP) since 2001. She has worked worldwide in corporations, multilateral organizations in the United States and in Peru as adviser to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Administrative Manager of Cáritas.

Because of her passion for human, determination, daring, direct temperament and for being motivated to make a difference, was chosen by “Fondazione Umano Progresso” to found and develop the “Aventura de Construir” Association. She is responsible for strategic direction along with funders and the board, articulating external relationships and partnerships, as well as coordinating and guiding institutional activities.

She loves Brazil and believes that there is enormous creative and entrepreneurial potential that needs to be worked out and enhanced.

Adriano Gaved

Adriano Gaved – Economic and Social Development

He holds a PhD in Computer Science and Automation from the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy). 18 years in the telecommunications and media sector in Italy (Telecom Italia, 3) and Brazil (CEO of One Brasil, Band group), with experience in quantitative and statistical analysis, project management, teams and business management.

Currently partner of “maisQI”, a digital consulting company. It develops training content and coordinates all activities related to the organization and analysis of data, including the impact assessment system.

From engineer to CEO, he went through all the managerial roles in a company, however, without feeling that his work was tied to a collective and transformative outcome.

Now, as a consultant at” AdC “ he is doing the most important job you could imagine here in Brazil: supporting those who take initiative for a worthy, worthwhile life.

Matilde Silva

Matilde Silva – Administration

Responsible for the administrative area of ​​the Institution, he coordinates the services of the financial, IT, legal and audit suppliers. Also tracks access to credit for micro entrepreneurs, evaluating the best alternatives with our partners.

She has 10 years of experience in Multinational following the legal area with lawyers throughout the corporate part, proxies and internal customer service.

She has a degree in Social Work and has been a volunteer for more than two years at the Judicial Center for Conflict Resolution and Citizenship (CEJUSC). She does not see herself in any other area or activity that does not result in a change in people’s lives.

Laura Arruda

Laura Arruda – Sustainability

Responsible for the institutional relationship and sustainability of the “Aventura de Construir”. Among activities, trends research and news for the third sector in order to bring companies and institutional donors to our cause.

Graduated in Public Relations from PUC-Campinas, Radialism and post-graduation in Cultural Management from SENAC. Experience in communication agency and corporate universe, in the segments of Tourism, IT, Culture, Entertainment and Corporate Education.

Stimulated by the proliferation of knowledge, art and communication, he believes that it is no use to know without sharing. As Cora Coralina said: “Happy is the one who transfers the knowledge and learns what he teaches”.

Lucas Bizerra

Lucas Bizerra – Communication

Responsible for the visual and communicational identity of the Association. Acts in conjunction with all areas to represent assertively and creatively the brand of “Aventura de Construir”. Also acts in social networks, email marketing, video production, graphic production, presentations and support in the production of events.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Propaganda from the Faculty of the Americas and a Multimedia Production Technician from SENAC.

He discovered in the world of communication after merging a technical course in business administration with a theater course, in which he participated for two years.With more than 8 years in the digital area (e-commerce and startup), this is his first experience in the third sector, where he discovered that behind every beneficiary there is a unique story that results in something special and indescribable in relation to other sectors.


  • Silvia Caironi – Economist from the Catholic University of Milan, with a master’s degree in Project Management at George Washington University;
  • Fernando Barreto – MBA in International Business (USP);
  • Marcelo Turri – Mechanical Engineer (USP Polytechnic) with MBA Business Administration (InSper);
  • Rafael Mahfound Marcoccia – Journalist and professor of Sociology and Philosophy at FEI.

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