Our mission

To create an impact on the lives of our target audience, we have created an effective work structure to respond to the demands of micro entrepreneurs, youth and families in the outskirts of São Paulo.

These needs are multiple and dealing with varying audiences. Given this, our pillars of action are focused on adaptability, professionalism, transparency, results and impact.

Practice results

Believe: our mission, principles and values ​​were not written just to meet a standard, but by observing our practices!

This positioning was developed to guide our work, bringing to the reality of everyday tasks the agility and effectiveness that this challenge demands! We are fully aware of how we can improve and support the construction of hundreds of lives and in so doing we also build our lives and the “Aventura de Construir” (Adventure to Build)


Promote local territorial development, enabling, accompanying and enabling access to credit, aiming at a human and socio-environmental transformation.


    • Transparency and ethics: being clear and open in everything we do, how we do, what results we generate with communities, next steps;
    • Excellence: ensuring the highest professional standards of management;
    • Perseverance: give up, never; be attentive, insistent and systematic always;
    • Discipline: rigorously demanding the maximum of ourselves and the beneficiaries;
    • Courage: take risks to explore challenging situations and new territories;
    • Flexibility: create adaptive models without losing our essence and goals.


    • A better world begins with my better world: it is everyone’s business;
    • What is worth is each person: each one takes and transforms his life – and that of others;
    • Commitment: responsible and permanent action for lasting results;
    • Continuous improvement and monitoring: metrics, indicators to evaluate results and corrections;
    • Teamwork: protagonism is the work of many working;
    • Creativity and innovation: only different practices produce different results.