Our mission through the lens of Diego de Jesus

Behind the lens of the photographer, there is the human eye capturing a mission through a click. This click eternizes a certain time and space, allowing the portrait to speak for itself and narrate different aspects of human life.

If the eyes behind the lens of a camera choose a story to tell, Diego de Jesus chose beautiful stories during the process of capturing images for the project Identificam-se Protagonistas (Protagonists Identify themselves), a photographic show that will be launched at MIS (Museum of Image) on November 4th, 2019 and will be exposed in the subway between the months of November / 2019 to February / 2020.

But how did we get here?

A few months ago, Aventura de Construir realized – through applied research with the Association’s own supporters – that the donor public still identifies little with our mission. Territorial development through support for micro-entrepreneurship loses to causes related to early childhood education, animal protection, health, etc. This would not be a problem if the people involved in the research were not exactly supportive of our cause, which revealed to us the need to explain more clearly what our work is about and provide it with greater visibility. After all, we understand that territorial development is essential for so many other social fronts to be carried out.

Based on this reality, we decided to invite photographer Diego de Jesus to record the story of some microentrepreneurs served by Aventura de Construir in these years in an attempt to share the role of some people in their communities with society. In a country where entrepreneurship is not an easy task, we seek to show that it is possible – but that it takes more than willpower, which is why we closely monitor our beneficiaries, advising them on their ventures located in low-income neighborhoods.

With this photographic project we want to communicate, we want to share emotions, we want to give meaning to the work of microentrepreneurs, the consultants who serve them (directly and indirectly), the photographer himself and whoever else is available to dive into this universe of narratives that it makes us look at the present, but it also motivates us to face the future with the beauty of the eyes of those who are always on the move to live.

According to the Italian photographer Guido Guidi, “insistence on looking is the only way to know things, reality”. It is this insistence that we are talking about and it is with this tenacity that we continue doing our work, defending our mission and acting in practice in favor of inclusive territorial development by supporting protagonists committed to micro-entrepreneurship.

For more information about the project Identificam-se Protagonistas: http://bit.ly/2MHa67r

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