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Have you ever considered having micro-entrepreneurs from the outskirts of São Paulo as your “business partners” by donating up to 6% of your Income Tax? Is there anything better than donating to those who undertake and transform realities?

In addition to being part of this transformation, you can also change the donation culture scenario in Brazilthrough a donation deducted from your income tax return. With this action, “Aventura de Construir” will be able to keep on following protagonists.

How to make the donation out of your Income Tax

If you submit the complete income tax return, it is possible to allocate up to 6% of the tax for our cause with 100% refund (regarding tax at source) or rebate (in the case of tax payable) in 2020.

To donate, just follow the following steps:

1) Calculate up to 6% of your Individual Income Tax to guarantee a 100% deduction from the donated amount (to calculate the amount you can allocate, it is necessary to make an estimate based on the receipt of your last submitted IT).

2) Deposit in the bank account that follows until 12/27/2019 and send the receipt to


CNPJ (registered number of the company) : 23.417.416 / 0001-05

Banco do Brasil

Branch: 6807-1 – C/C (Checking Account number): 43005-6

3) A Cultural Sponsorship receipt will be issued and must be attached to your completed 2020 Income Tax Return;

4) In order for the donated amount to be deducted from the tax payable or added to the refund amount, you must declare it by accessing your Formulário de Declaração Completa (Complete Declaration Form) > Fichas de Declaração (Declaration Sheets)> Doações efetuadas (Donations made)> Selecionar o código 41 [Incentivo à Cultura] (Select code 41 [Cultural Incentive])> Insert the donated amount and the CNPJ of Aventura de Construir (CNPJ 23.417.416/0001-05).

In the identifier fields, enter:

Identifier 1: Tax-payer’s Identification Number (CPF) of the contributor

Identifier 2: 001

5) The amount donated will be deducted from the tax amount to be paid or added to the refund amount.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Support microentrepreneurship without spending anything!

We guarantee it is easy, fast, transparent… AND LIFE-CHANGING!

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