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“This quarantine has affected everyone” sent the microentrepreneur Jane Duarte to one of the advisors of Aventura de Construir through Whatsapp.

With the continuation of work as individual calls that the team of advisors has been carrying out for a month, it was possible to understand the situation of a significant group of entrepreneurs accompanied by Aventura de Construir and what strategies were adopted to face such a delicate moment as now.

Understanding the real context of these communities and their workers allows the identification of their needs so that we can provide the appropriate guidance.

For example, many entrepreneurs reported difficulty in recording and tracking how their money has been spent. Another challenge reported on a recurring basis was on the use of social medias and customer engagement at a time like this.

The production of content was carried out in order to answer these demands: texts were published on the blog on budget, social medias, etc.

There is no other method that works at this moment: for real demands, real answers!

Taking advantage of the time at home to study and update yourself is very important, but at a time like this, it is also essential to practice self-care. Not only Jane thinks the quarantine is messing with everyone… Not only she shares feelings of anguish and emptiness.

Taking into account contexts like Jane’s, we identified the urgent need for something that inspires and motivates microentrepreneurs. That’s why, in partnership with a great inspirer in different market situations, Carlos Ferreirinha, an attempt is being made as an answer to getting closer to this demand!

And we already have a date and time set: on April 28th, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., we will have the pleasure of having Carlos Ferreirinha live on Youtube in a conversation to warm up and strengthen the heart and mind. The link:

Carlos Ferreirinha is president and founder of MCF Consultoria, “a company that translates the luxury intelligence into management, providing consulting, guidance, training, qualification and education”. Today he is one of the leading names when it comes to Luxury and Premium Management Intelligence in Latin America and has served as Senior Executive at EDS and Louis Vuitton – LVMH Group – where he was CEO of Brazil and Senior Director of Latin America.

But what a mega entrepreneur have to do with periphery microentrepreneurs? According to Ferreirinha “Despite the relevance and visibility of my work at MCF Consultoria, I am still a small business owner. Every day I deal with small, medium, big and giant obstacles to be overcome”.

According to him, some of the attributes of the luxury market that can be added to microentrepreneurship are “excellence, quality, obsession with details, raising the brand to levels of desire, looking at the long term“, he highlights.

Learning to work in a network, valuing local commerce and practicing solidarity are also fundamental actions to enhance aspects of professional life, regardless of the size of the enterprise and the time.  

In a time when everyone is continuously looking at a screen, expanding the look to the surroundings is the differential that allows to know more others reality and relearn how to listen.  

Ferreirinha says that the chat will be aimed at stimulating a 360 degree reflection on the present and identifying which new skills should be maintained, developed and reinvented in these turbulent seas.You can’t miss it! Write down the date on your calendar and we will send more information soon. We will strengthen ourselves to keep our eyes open and aware of the journey we need to face, but without letting despair paralyze us.

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