National Volunteer Day

Currently volunteering is the mainstay of the third sector, but did you know that this kind of solidarity has existed since the 16th century?

Yesss! Volunteer work has existed in Brazil since 1543! It was born with the foundation of Santa Casa de Misericórdia, in Vila de Santos, and was further disseminated with the arrival of the Cruz vermelha in 1908, and by the enactment of Law No. 9.608 in 1998, which provides for the conditions of voluntary service.

At Aventura de Construir (AdC), since 2016 we have a very active team of volunteers! They help with advising and training that we carry out on the periphery of the West Zone of São Paulo. Today, volunteers reach us through this website and the organization’s social networks. In addition, we also publicize our opportunities on partner sites, such as   Atados and Setor 3,   specific third sector platforms.

We believe that volunteering is the act of doing something for the benefit of others, setting aside some hours of the day, week or month to give attention and help people who need something we can offer: time, knowledge, material resources, etc. A good volunteer is the one who identifies with a social issue and contributes, in some way, to the strengthening of actions that work for the cause that believes in transforming different realities and improving the lives of other people. It is a very enriching exchange and every contribution is always valid, so we always try to make room for new ideas! So, we can evolve and carry out more projects with a positive socio-environmental impact!

Today, on National Volunteer Day, the AdC team congratulates each of the volunteers who donate their time, sharing skills and knowledge! We thank these volunteers for being part of this adventure with us, as we all recognize the importance of volunteering, which helps the organization to bring inclusive territorial development to low-income neighborhoods.

During this journey, we went through many things together and participated in many stories accompanying protagonists in the peripheries. And this teamwork is priceless !!!

Here, we thank you very much for building this trajectory with us! <3

Are you not a volunteer yet and got excited to start this journey with us? Find out how to help by writing to and get to know our work through this website and our social networks: Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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