National Day of Micro and Small Companies

Aventura de Construir volunteer Fernando Gomes * embarked with us on the inclusive territorial development mission since the beginning of 2019. He has participated in many activities and his presence has always been fundamental in organizing the training. Now he has joined us to talk a little about National Day of Micro and Small Companies!

On October 5th, we celebrated the existence of companies responsible for more than half of formal jobs in Brazil and that hire more people for their first job: Micro and Small Companies.Aventura de Construir takes advantage of this day to reflect on some challenges that this business segment needs to overcome in order to achieve longevity and financial health!1. Formalization

The number of micro and small companies without formal registration is still very high. If your company is not yet formalized, try to do that! There are a number of benefits that this can bring, even access to different credit lines.

2. Mortality: Micro and small businesses.Almost half of new businesses die within 2 years. This is a very worrying number, after all it is not only businesses that die, but also the dreams and hopes of those involved in the process. The solution to escape this bad statistic is to seek help and train yourself to learn more and more about business. Aventura de Construir conducts free training courses that can help!

3. Product and process innovation

The tip here is: Innovate! Whether in the product, in service or even in marketing campaigns. This will bring a very good return for your business, bet on it !!4. Banking system

Although some banks have specialized products for micro and small companies, they can be very expensive and not suited to the reality of your business. But some alternatives are emerging and can be used to help you with credit and payment flow very friendly. Research more, for example, about Firgun and other fintechs.We congratulate all micro and small business owners and support the growth of the sector, as we believe that you are the engine of Brazil !!!

* Fernando Gomes is an economist graduated from PUC São Paulo. He has worked in investment funds and brokerages with mergers, acquisitions and company valuations. Today he works as a programmer at Casa da Web and has been a volunteer at Aventura de Construir for almost a year.

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