Knowing the Future and Living as Protagonists

Knowing the Future and Living as Protagonists

The world has undergone many changes, and we do not have to look far to realize them. This shows the importance of keeping up to date even in our daily lives. Everyday, companies around the world invest heavily in innovation with the aim of creating answers to the market needs. New technologies are part of this process, but it is important to emphasize that, more than opening up different business opportunities, they provide a real revolution in society, enabling previously unthinkable actions and improving the people’s quality of life. It is understood, then, that the social transformations are directly linked to the technological transformations of which society takes possession in order to develop and to maintain itself.

The benefits that the new technologies bring about are innumerable and extend to all of the social sectors, from the business area to the health one. Thinking in this context, this October Aventura de Construir will provide for entrepreneurs and the general public a lecture entitled “Conhecer o Futuro e Viver como Protagonistas” (“Knowing the Future and Living as Protagonists”) a training about Artificial Intelligence and its applications with entrepreneur Vaney Fornazieri, Managing Director of Seepix Digital.

Vaney brings with him a wealth of knowledge through his experiences in Silicon Valley, a region of California in the United States known for being the main center of innovation and technology in the world, where companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook among others are located.

Knowledge about technological innovations in the world, by itself, may sound distant. It is precisely this point that our presentation intends to deal with, in understanding what practical changes these transformations bring to our daily life, whether in a personal or a professional context.  We need to know the innovation and prepare to reinvent ourselves in the face of new challenges.

This meeting is a unique opportunity for our entrepreneurs to exchange experiences with a renowned professional and have the possibility to expand their perspectives.

This meeting will take place on October 17, starting at 7:00 p.m. sharp to 9:00 p.m. in the hall of the Associação dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra, at Rua Felix Guilhem, 227 – Lapa de Baixo borough.

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