Jucélia’s success story

Jucélia’s success story

Last week, we had the launch of the Aventura de Construir Association (ADC) institutional video, which shows a little bit about the story of three microentrepreneurs advised by the Association. Today we are very proud to share a little more of the successful path of one of them, Jucelia Rodrigues, who owns a restaurant in the neighborhood of Sol Nascente, in the outskirts of the western part of São Paulo city. Her story accurately represents the characteristics of our target audience and the concrete results of the interventions proposed by ADC to respond to their real demands: productive oriented microcredit, business management courses and advisory services that guarantee the systematic entrepreneur follow-up in time.

Jucelia and her husband Ricardo have two small children and secondary school degree. She’d always worked as a waitress and cook and he’d worked as a night security guard when, in 2012, Jucelia became a partner in a small restaurant where she was working in her neighborhood. After a year there, Jucelia realized that the restaurant did not bring the expected results. On the contrary, it was always necessary to invest more money from his personal reserve due to a lack of cash flow.

At that time, in 2013, Jucelia met ADC and its work methodology. Firstly, Jucelia got the productive oriented microcredit at very low interest rates through ADC’s partnership with Banco do Povo Paulista. The credit was used as working capital and, according to her accountant, this prevented the restaurant from closing. At the same time, Jucelia started attending ADC courses, which are held monthly in her neighborhood. In these courses, designed with practical content and accessible language, she began to notice other possible improvements in her business: employee management, customer care, kitchen operation, among others. There, she and her husband learned a new business vision based on listening and meeting the needs of the customers. They have attended more than a dozen different ADC courses.

In addition, Jucelia started receiving the advisories by the ADC consultants. These services helped her to define a simple and effective action plan to apply some improvements, either working on their weaknesses, on their strengths, on the responsible use of money, and mainly on the restaurant future changes. These small improvements gradually transformed the restaurant into a success and local reference, even more when they began to offer pizza at night, differentiating their offer and meeting quality demand, which increased their revenue by 30%.

Inspired by his wife good results, in 2016 it was the turn of Ricardo to shine as an entrepreneur, opening a gym on the second floor of the restaurant. Making a low investment and starting partnerships for the business, Ricardo managed to make viable the construction of a gym for young audiences. Always with the help of ADC in creating a solid plan covering all the aspects of a sustainable business, in the first two months of operation the gym reached 300 enrolled clients. The investment made returned within 1 year (earlier than expected), due to higher monthly revenues than planned. Today, Ricardo no longer works as a night security guard: he and his wife share the two businesses and the family responsibilities.

Jucelia states: “Through the help of Aventura de Construir I understood that I had to pay attention to what my clients were looking for. In addition to a good place and good food, the customer service also has to be good… The restaurant is my dream, my life. I love what I do and my future will be invested on it, because I know this is the place where I am happy. If you have a dream, go ahead. If you need help, meet ADC, it helped me a lot and still do it until now.”

Silvia Caironi

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