Inovation for microentrepreneurs – what you need to know

The famous Peter Drucker said that innovation is the task of endowing human and material resources with newer and greater abilities to produce wealth. It’s mainly a company’s capacity to generate a customer.
Every company, sooner or later and in some level, ought to innovate. Some of them will do so technologically, with big budgets and great professionals who can figure out a newly demand trend not yet addressed by the competitors.
However, the subsistence entrepreneurship faces an underlying challenge for creating new products since it’s usually focused on activities oriented to the provision of immediate gain, where disruptive behaviors should be avoided. The great and daily pressure from reality imposes quick responses that propel us to use the first option available or any option we are already used to.


Innovation demands no great investments but a perception of the real need
There is always place for “the different” or “the surplus”, as long as it meets the real needs.
The skater boy who makes different shapes of skateboards to sell to his friends starts using fiberglass to get a lighter, more flexible and stronger product, the locksmith who adapts his tools according to the new order or his customer’s needs… The examples go on, from the simplest to the more sophisticated ones.
Disruptive, after all, can have different meanings. It could be that producing twice more a day can be disruptive in certain context, or even offering a handmade, better product.
Nonetheless, innovation can have a significant impact on a microentrepreneur when he/she is able to understand his/her – and his/her customers’ – context and offer a prudent and original response. Hence, the subject of November’s training course at Aventura de Construir is “Innovation”.
The goal is to make the microentrepreneur think about the main problems they face as such, the real needs of their customers and how to find different ways to “connect the dots”, creating a space to stimulate efficient responses to real problems even in the simplest businesses such as the selling of food or clothing. At the same time, we intend to question the idea that innovation is always based on abundant resources or great scale.


We innovate through conversations using World Café

We use the World Café method, a conversation structured by predefined questions that collectively works the diversity and complexity of knowledge in a group to bring about the “collective intelligence”. Through this also innovative process we shall discuss the fundamental elements of innovation applied to microentrepreneurs!
It will be a very productive month, with the presence of our special guest, Tania Pereira Christopoulos, professor of Management (with emphasis on Information management) at Universidade de São Paulo. We need to overcome the barriers of understanding innovation as simply the result of genius work of brilliant mind visionaries or great investments, for it’s also the outcomes of common entrepreneurs who live daily lifes with creativity and responsibility. Innovation is any entrepreneur’s need to create good answers to reality. Let the adventure begin!

Silvia Caironi


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