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On the peripheries of the country, the impacts of the Coronavirus confront the thesis that “we are all in the same boat” when it comes to tackling the pandemic. Overcrowded housing, lack of basic sanitation and scarcity of access to the health system make the population of these places more vulnerable to the virus.

According to data from the National Household Sample Survey (Pnad Contínua, 2018), 11.5 million Brazilians live in full houses, i.e, with more than three people per bedroom. In addition, according to the National Sanitation Information System (SNIS, 2017),35 million people in the country do not have a treated water supply – which directly affects proper hygiene to prevent contamination from the virus.

The decrease in income in times of pandemic is another factor of vulnerability for those who live in these places.According to the survey “Coronavirus in the favelas”, carried out by Data Favela in partnership with Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) and Instituto Locomotivathe decrease in income is another unequal factor for these people: 86% felt impact where they work due to the Covid-19. The survey interviewed 1,142 people in 262 slums across Brazil.

Below, we list initiatives on several fronts to face the virus’s impacts on the peripheral population:

Agência Mural de Jornalismo das Periferias with 80 correspondents spread throughout the city of São Paulo and the metropolitan region, Agência Mural de Jornalismo das Periferias created the podcast “Em Quarentena”, with specific subjects that impact these territories during the pandemic. The idea is to disseminate the content via Whatsapp, against the spread of fake news that, unfortunately, are getting more and more space on the network. “We are partnering with community radio stations on the periphery to reproduce the podcast on the schedule, and we want to partner on commercial radio stations as well, since our goal is for these stories to reach the largest number of people,” says Anderson Meneses, business director of the Agência Mural. Those interested in receiving the content can add the number of the Agência Mural (11) 97591-5260 and request the material or, also, access the podcast directly through Spotify.

In addition to the Mural Agency, several peripheral collectives of the Rede Jornalistas da Periferias are focused on bringing quality information to these places. Check out the content on the profiles of each one of them :@ almapretajornalismo, @casanomeiodomundo,@desenrola_ , @imargem, @historiorama@periferiaemmovimento, @dicampanafotocoletivo, @ nosmulheresdaperiferia and through the hashtag # CoronaVirusNasPeriferias.

Aventura de Construir

The Aventura de Construir project is one of the examples of social business that strengthened the operation to increase support for small businesses in the West Zone of São Paulo during this period. “In our methodology, we follow microentrepreneurs and create protagonism, working in a network and creating a bridge. We are doing telephone advisories. They need support at a time like this, as despair strikes. There is concern, but it also has a lot of creativity ”, says Silvia Caironi, general coordinator of the organization.

Currently, the project serves 200 microentrepreneurs. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Aventura de Construir has called more than 60 entrepreneurs to raise awareness about the impacts of Covid-19 and understand the needs of these workers. Based on this survey, the idea is to present solutions so that businesses can continue operating and, in some cases, to direct activities in order to serve the demands of the neighborhoods themselves.

The organization has also partnered with companies so that microentrepreneurs apply to vacancies, in case they cannot keep the operation running. In addition, specific content for this audience is available on this blog.There is also an emergency fund for micro-entrepreneurs with difficulties in sustaining business and, consequently, families. This donation space was then created.

Mulher sorrindo posando para foto  Descrição gerada automaticamenteSilvia Caironi, general coordinator of Aventura de Construir.

Mapeamento de Urgências nas Periferias An initiative of young black advertising people from the peripheries seeks to identify the needs of the people who live in these territories, intending to mobilize brands to serve these demands. In this spreadsheet it is possible to view more than 300 responses to the questionnaire. Also check out the actions on Instagram “Me ajuda a ajudar?”. The mapping is supported by the group Publicitários Negros.

Bora Lá Bora Lá agency, specializing in Communication and Popular Marketing , focused on social projects, impact and small businesses in the periphery, leads the support network with visual communication services for the crisis. The initiatives are carried out with partners, who offer free services with simple design, in addition to services in this line also in the pay as much and when you can scheme and at popular prices. There is also coverage of information about Covid-19 in the hood, with sharing of content from media outlets that are addressing the Coronavirus in the periphery. The agency also makes its social networks available for free, so that nano, micro and small entrepreneurs can publicize their services and products and also solidarity actions, especially those who live in the South Zone of São Paulo.If you are a designer and want to contribute voluntarily to create pieces to be offered to small entrepreneurs who cannot afford to pay at this moment, just send a message on   Bora Lá’s Facebook  or WhatsaApp: (11) 96311- 3744. To help this support network and the agency to remain standing, it is also possible to donate: just access this link.

Source: AUPA – Jornalismo em Negócios de Impacto Social

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