February 2017: Altis – Postgraduate School Business and Society of Milan (Italy) – about our work with micro entrepreneurs in the suburbs of São Paulo

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October 2016: Instituto Ressoar spreads the news about Carlos Ferreirinha’s lecture




Interview to “Construindo Cidadania” at Rádio 9 de Julho about Carlos Ferreirinha’s lecture



October 2016: “Quality Associates” about Carlos Ferreirinha’s lecture on pricing


October 2016: Observatório do Terceiro Setor about Carlos Ferreirinha’s lecture




September 2016: Silvia Caironi’s interview for Observatório do Terceiro Setor



September 2016: Folha Noroeste spreads the word about our training on market research






July 2016: Silvia Caironi talks about entrepreneurship at an interview for Rádio do Observatório do Terceiro Setor




June 2016: Folha Noroeste talks about our courses in July: Social Media for the youth and Work Organization for the adults


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June 2016: Observatório do Terceiro Setor spreads the word about our free courses on social media for the  youngsters

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June 2016: Folha Noroeste talks about us. Two free training sessions: “Right of the microentrepreneur and Formalization, a continous process” and “Attitude leads to success!”



May 2016: Silvia Caironi’s interview at Rádio 9 de Julho for the program “Melhor da tarde”. Orientations on the steps to open your business.



May 2016: Folha Noroeste talks about our training “The art of negotiation: how to increase your sales”


April 2016: Silvia Caironi talks about our work and about our system of Impact Assessment during interview at Radio 9 de Julho


Avaliação de impacto


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