The world will not change… it has already changed!!!

The COVID 19 accelerated this change by taking us about 5 years ahead. Therefore, we need to understand what we need to change as well if we want to continue to exist!

In the previous post, we talked about how to engage your current and potential customers on your social networks. This is the first step towards introducing your company to online life.

Now that you are planning and acting on social media, how do you sell online?

A while ago it was only possible to sell online in that traditional way: a website, negotiating with card companies to accept the banners, and disclosure by Google. Today there are several other tools that will help you sell through internet and we will talk about some of them.

Of course, having a website structured and prepared to serve your customers works very well and becomes a place where you can manage your products, adjust your logistics and many other matters. But we also know that this takes time and high investment, and at this moment we need to adapt quickly to the new scenarios.

Therefore, having the option to sell on Facebook and Instagram becomes crucial. Today, there are several successful stores that work only with social medias. And in order for you to have the assertiveness and precision necessary to be able to sell and deliver your products to your customers, you need to pay attention to some points.

  • Find out who your target group is

With Facebook and commercial Instagram, you can measure through the statistics given by the social media itself who is your consumer. Average age, gender, region and a series of demographic information that can and should be used when making a post offering a product.

  • Goals

Whenever you start to develop a job, whether in the physical or digital environment, you need to set goals. What do I want to sell? How much do I want to sell? Set goals and strive for them.

  • Find out who your competitors are

To do this kind of work, you need to understand with whom you dispute your audience. It is extremely necessary that you know who your competitors are and what differentials you have. This is very important as it becomes a selling point and can be a turning point for your customer to buy from you and not from your competitor.

  • Planning

Everything that was said up here is part of a real planning for a virtual store but goes much further. You need to make a daily schedule of what to post and when to post to your social medias. In the previous post we talked about tools that help you do this. If you haven’t read it, go because is important. Click on this link.

  • Frequency

Life on social media is very fast and, to keep up with these changes, you need to be constant. It is essential that you always post and show customers that your company cares about the page and the message it conveys.

  • Build a relationship with your customer

It is useless to have a page with amazing posts and even a good number of sales if you don’t connect to your customer. You need to take time to answer questions and create actions and promotions so more and more people come to your page waiting for something new.

  • Measure results

With the social media analysis tools, you can check the posts that were most successful, the peak hours of visits on your page and all of this for free. To find out how to do this, click here.

  • Invest in campaigns

This is a fundamental point in social medias. Of course, when you invest in campaigns, you should not and will not stop taking actions on your pages that bring new followers and greater engagement from old followers, but you must understand that the more people visit your page, greater is the chance of you make a sale.

Social media campaigns are important to give visibility to your product and your brand to people who are not yet following you and are within your target audience. The investment is low and the result can be very interesting. Start by investing as little as 10 or 20 reais, measure the results and see how this can fit into your budget and planning. If you don’t know how to make this announcement, access here so we can teach you.

  • Work 360 degrees

Is important to remember that all of your online communications must speak the same language. Be careful when choosing what you post and where you post it. Have a structured plan and don’t be alarmed by the changes. Social medias are volatile and change almost every second, but if you plan and learn to change with the network, you will only succeed on this journey.

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