Global Entrepreneurship Week

Created in 2007, the Global Entrepreneurship Week seeks to give visibility to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. The idea is to inspire people to join this entrepreneurial ecosystem, creating bridges and facilitating access to content that qualifies those interested.

In 2019, we celebrate this week between the 18th and 24th days of November, but the whole month is full of activities. We, from Aventura de Construir, are not left out! And do you know why we participate in this movement? The answer is simple: entrepreneurship generates territorial development and this is our cause !!!

Transforming realities by betting on entrepreneurial leadership is what drives us. For this reason, in this month of November, we have already held 2 events and we still have other actions for the Global Entrepreneurship Week. Look what happened and what’s next:

On 11/04, we launched the exhibition “Identificam-se of Protagonistas” of MIS (Museum of Image and Sound). And, since 11/08, the photos of some of the microentrepreneurs accompanied by Aventura de Construir – curated and registered by Diego de Jesus – can already be seen by the public at República subway station. The event articulated different entrepreneurial experiences in Brazil, bringing together Martha Medeiros, with an inspiring keynote speech , the release of the last CD by Minas musician Tatá Sympa, photographer Diego de Jesus and the micro entrepreneurs Néa dos Santos and Wagner Félix in a panel of debates of entrepreneurial reflection!

Do you want to know more about that day? Access our report on the event here!

On 11/12 it was the turn of ProtagonizAí, a whole day of reflection on the paths of Social Impact Business. There were many exchanges of knowledge, experiences and learning with micro-entrepreneurs, consultants from Aventura de Construir and guests beyond specials who participated in a conversation to deepen the debate on what is social entrepreneurship in the periphery of São Paulo! We are very grateful for the presence of Fábio Deboni (Instituto Sabin), Paulo Marcelo Ribeiro (ADE Sampa) and the founders of Jaubra, Aline and Alvimar, representing a concrete case of Social Impact Business created in and for the periphery.

Do you think it’s over here? No, no! There’s even more! In this week, from November 18th to November 24th, we still have actions ahead of us that will show us more in depth how microentrepreneurship develops from balance, support and attention among several factors, such as: communicating the cause, training beneficiaries, articulation partnerships and engagement of funders and volunteers.

The two events mentioned above are related to all of these items. Now, in this Global Entrepreneurship Week, we still want to celebrate our partnership with Firgun, with 212 Burger and our volunteers! In addition, of course, to seek new sponsors who, like us, are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Firgun has been a great partner since 2018 in access to microcredit for microentrepreneurs who are advised by Aventura de Construir. They are betting on “conscious capitalism and the collaborative economy as engines of a more just and sustainable society”. This perspective goes hand in hand with territorial development, which is why we operate in low-income territories in the West Zone of São Paulo.

Our partnership with 212 Burger was designed to celebrate the culture of donating in the country and also as a source of financial resources. At the Thanksgiving festivity, 212 Burger will donate 50% of the value of its TGB (ThanksGiving burger) sales made on the 28th, 29th, 30th of November and 1st of December so that Aventura de Construir continues to do its job!

Still in November, we will carry out a training on how to attract customers and structure a facade for businesses that will be given by volunteer Camila Forte, a Nestlé employee. Actions like this demonstrate our great ability to extend the engagement of volunteers to expand the training of beneficiaries of Aventura de Construir. Normally, volunteering is not used as a training strategy by CSOs, we see that many organizations use this workforce for very specific activities and that they rarely connect with the concrete sharing of knowledge, but throughout this year 2019 we bet even more on availability and interest of the volunteers, so we started to develop this training work for the beneficiaries.

Finally, we will also take advantage of the Global Entrepreneurship Week to give visibility to our cause through our projects connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our idea is to show potential funders how we articulate the goals of the Global Compact Agenda 2030 in our training and advice. To know more about it, you can read our article here and following our blog !!!

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