Gil Giardelli knotted our heads!!!

The night of 09/11/2019 was hot for Aventura de Construir! We received the expert in new technologies Gil Giardelli, who told us a little about how technology is transforming our lives and how we must prepare ourselves to follow in a healthy way all the changes that they bring.

The world we know today 20 years from now will no longer exist and how will we deal with it?

This key question guided a conversation that allowed us to understand the need for people to understand where and how to use technological tools to our advantage, just as some expressed a certain fear in relation to the professional changes that new technologies cause. From the exchange of experiences shared between the participants of the meeting, the theme of the evening was getting closer to the reality of each one!

Gil Giardelli made a vibrant presentation! People became overwhelmed, from those who said they were more confident about technology, to the frightened. When he showed that the future is closer and less science fiction, he stimulated reflection until he knotted each one!

And are you thinking that new technologies have not yet arrived in force in Brazil? You are wrong !!! Gil Giardelli presented incredible projects created by Brazilians, for example, e-commerce with facial recognition for pets and the soccer field in a peripheral neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, in which the electric energy comes from the weight of the strides. More than a new technology, this is also artificial intelligence.

Innovation, science and reduction of inequalities. What do these themes have in common?

While some jobs cease to exist, others are created. Because of this, Gil Giardelli said that we must follow these changes without fear, starting with the content available in the digital world to increase our web of knowledge and, thus, prepare us to face the changes of the future that already begin today.

And to face this new world, youth is always needed! According to him, being young has nothing to do with age, but with the way each one faces the changes of time. But he also emphasized the importance of eventually also disconnecting to keep a healthy mind and a healthy body. Only then it is possible to create more and with quality, through self-care.

After this class of new technologies, artificial intelligence and life, we asked the participants what their reflections and feelings were in the face of the scenarios presented by Gil Giardelli. Look at what some of them said:

“Optimistic, but realistic. We must reinvent ourselves and seek knowledge if we are to follow the evolution of the world “. Mayra Livraes.

“We need to be bolder in wanting to learn and giving importance to the little things again”. Marisa Oliveira

“I wish my son were here to learn with me”. Filomena José de Lima

A lot of turbulence, but promising.” Alessandra de Carvalho

In the end, Gil Giardelli also spoke about that characteristic annoyance that enters our mind when we have just received a lot of information at once. When we learn something, the discomfort makes us move! This movement is not mechanical and the participants certainly tried it, not for nothing they were attentive until the end !!!

Gil Giardelli, Aventura de Construir thanks immensely for your presence !!! Without a doubt, it was a night of much reflection! Now we can say: YES! We are prepared for the changes !!!!

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