First training of the year: In a new way!

Based on the discussion held during the planning meeting in December 2019, we identified the need to involve micro-entrepreneurs more in carrying out the training.

One of the main goals of the first training of the year was to identify the biggest challenges experienced by microentrepreneurs and to present possible solutions based on real stories.

In preparing the content, we revisited advisory sheets, interviews and conversations that I hear during and at the end of the training sessions.  With all these materials, we identified some recurring sentences said by microentrepreneurs at different times in their lives. Sentences that expressed insecurity, doubts, fears… But we also detected the solutions that these people found to overcome some of the problems mentioned.

With this idea in mind, we invited three micro-entrepreneurs to comment on their experiences based on the proposed topics.

Fernanda Hitos told us about the exchange scheme. She did not have the money to guarantee a space at a fair, held at Beco do Batman in São Paulo, but with creativity and willingness she solved the problem: she helped organize the event in exchange for a place to exhibit her bio-jewels.  

Aline and Cris inspired everyone with the story of the “Kingdom of Diapers”, and, with planning, organization and care, they overcame a series of challenges. They have a personalized service: they deliver their products by car, no matter how much they spend, so they are known for their warm attitude.  And not only because of that, they told us that from the moment they get in the car until the last delivery, they play a jingle.  The music enlivens the children of the neighborhood and announces the arrival of the girls from the “Reino das Fraldas”.

Nea shared that, at the beginning of her venture, she was extremely insecure and disorganized. She started to participate in the Aventura de Construir training courses, managed to identify what her greatest difficulties were and mobilized herself to solve them. She made it clear that there is no point in speculating, it is necessary to take action and have determination.

The training was dynamic and the micro-entrepreneurs were also spreaders of knowledge and inspiration. Many participants shared their desires and experiences and realized that they are not, in fact, alone. The meeting also allowed participants to reflect on how they see themselves, and to realize that, at times, they also reproduce the same prejudices that affect them. It is necessary to be attentive and suspicious of miraculous solutions.

After the training we received some grateful messages and here we share one of them:

“Thank you very much, I loved the lecture .. Congratulations. For believing in our dreams I was thinking about giving up ..But today I caught my breath. May God bless you more and more ”

Adriano Santana France.

Evaluation sheets:

  • About half of the participants already have a business and the other plans to open in the next three months.
  • When asked why they started a business, most respond that they always had this dream, which is related to something they always wanted to do.  Some report that being unemployed influenced this.
  • The most recurring difficulties in the business development and continuity process are:   
  1. Money to invest in the business
  2. Organization and planning
  3. Insecurity
  4. Branding
  • Participants reported leaving the training with the following premises to follow:
  1. Self-appreciation
  2. Planning and organization (register of income and expenses, theoretical knowledge for safe practice)
  3. Community help network (learning from others who are close, not being ashamed or afraid to ask)
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