End of the first training cycle of the year!

On March 3rd, 2020, we concluded the cycle “Creating and Strengthening your Business” with training on business model and the changing of current habits. This was carried out in partnership with SEBRAE represented, at the time, by the consultant Márcia Borges.

The training brought up a series of points that were dealt with during the cycle: importance of planning, identification of priorities and their methods of execution. In addition, Márcia also stressed the need to create indicators capable of measuring and monitoring the results achieved by each microentrepreneur.

Why register cash inflow and outflow? Why separate the domestic budget from the enterprise? Why create a plan and set goals? It is necessary to objectively understand the value of each action in a professional change, otherwise the activity becomes mechanical and is lost.

Registering cash inflows and outflows and separating budgets makes an asystemic view of your own business possible. The creation of a goal defines the objective to be achieved and planning is a living tool to follow this path.

Living tool? Yeah! Yay! Planning must be prepared for possible changes and adaptations. And, for that, it is necessary to always be attentive to the process: honest and recurring evaluations become fundamental.

Are we are on the right way? The data can respond. They are analysis tools that enable actions and strategies to make the enterprise sustainable, always remembering that flexibility is a fundamental factor to achieve the purposes.

The training cycle was created as a living organism: open to adaptations, inclement weather and with a strong desire to awaken concrete changes in each one.The involvement of the participants, whether due to their attentive looks, high frequency and doubts, demonstrated a commitment to knowledge and its application in practice.

Many times, the schedule went beyond, and even so, the participants remained there. After the end, many people came looking for someone from the Aventura de Construir (ADC) team to tell them about the changes that were taking place in their business and life after the course.

During the cycle, we also had the participation of Lemuel Simis, (co-founder of Firgun) in two of the training sessions to present the possibility of microcredit to the participants. Lemuel has always made a point of remembering that it is necessary to move away from impulsivity and have a plan to obtain good results with microcredit.

In addition to the active participation of all those involved, four entrepreneurs also became executors during the training sessions.  With dedication and technique, their knowledge was shared and inspired everyone present, showing that the formation of multipliers is, besides being welcome, successful here!

We, from ADC, thank everyone involved for being there with an open chest and attentive looks. The cycle ends, but knowledge goes beyond spaces and remains alive to transform the lives of each of us.

For the photos, the link is: http://bit.ly/2vFGToZ

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