Empowerment and entrepreneurship: Can we learn from Anitta?

A singer, songwriter, dancer and businesswoman, the Brazilian popstar with only 25 years old causes an uproar wherever she goes, and it is impossible not to come across her hits, clips and advertising campaigns in various media outlets.

Anitta is currently one of the most wanted celebrities by various brands, because of her strong presence in social media and her approval in traditional media.

It is so much visibility that Netflix will launch this year a documentary on her life and work of the celebrity, which surpassed Lady Gaga and Beyoncé as the most influential in social networks (source: Billboard – popularity index). Today she is the Brazilian woman with the largest number of followers in Instagram, with more than 3 million.

But you must be asking yourself:

What does Anitta have to do with microentrepreneurs and empowerment?

For better understanding this strong connection of the artist with entrepreneurship, we need to take a closer look at her career.

Like many microentrepreneurs, Anitta went through difficulties and had to adapt herself and strive hard in order to achieve her success. From her interview at the Brazil Conference at Harvard & MIT, we listed some essential characteristics for you to inspire yourself and achieve your goals.

Understand the origins:

Born in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Larissa de Macedo Machado / Anitta is the daughter of an artisan and an automotive battery salesman (entrepreneurs). From early on, she and her brother were very studious and hardworking, always counting on their parents encouragement to continue studying in order to conquer a future with more opportunities.
Graduated by public education, Anitta was encouraged by her father to finish high school together with a full preparatory course for the market, with an emphasis on administration (state school), which could only be concluded with an internship. At that time, the young woman applied for the trainees selective process at a company called Vale do Rio Doce.
The singer says that all her classmates discredited her that she could pass at a long and demanding selection process, with more than 5 thousand people registered for only 5 seats. But in the end, Anitta was one of the five young people selected for the Brazilian multinational mining program.
“I usually say that when you’re poor, when you do not have much of a condition, you’re always afraid that you cannot pay the bill, right? When the light bill comes, the water bill, the food, or the market … Then there was always a lot in my head: my mother was an artisan, she made purses and made 80 cents a bag and my father sold car battery, so he also had a problem in his company, he was always broke and in crisis. At the time I was scared and so I took the administration course thinking about it, about having a job I and putting aside my willing of becoming an artist … So, I took the course and it helped me a lot because after I decided to take care of my own career I had to learn things by myself, but I needed to have a path, a path to where should I go from there”.

Also, at that time, her brother was able to enter at the UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro Federal University) to study Computer Science, with few conditions to be able to participate in higher education. Faced with the problem of distance between the family residence and the university, for example, Anitta gave her brother one of the five bus tickets the company gave her to help him in his training, replacing one of the buses with a walking route.

Have a dream

Even after joining the trainees at Vale and almost having been hired at the end of the contract, Anitta never left aside her singing dream. Before entering Vale, the young woman shot a video singing and published it on the internet, the video went viral:
“… it was a complete mess there at Vale because people were talking: what is this girl  doing?”
During her internship at Vale, Anitta participated at the Church choir and also performed in Funks Parties on Rio de Janeiro outskirts.

On the day she was supposed to sign the contact as effective in Vale do Rio Doce, the director questioned the singer to understand how dedicated she would be to the role, being that she would divide her professional routine by pleading for her musical career (during her internship, she used to sing in funk parties at the favela with a price that varied between R $ 150,00 to R $ 300,00 for presentation). However, at the time of the meeting with the director, Anitta gave up her position and decided to follow her dream.

“At the time there were several other trainees who were going to be sent away, everyone wanted the job, everyone wanted very much and I … I wanted to, but I wanted for a financial question …” I was going to come up with an incredible salary at 18 … Look, I’d rather try my career. Then, I thanked him, I went out and called my mother and I said: look, Mom, I gave up, I came here to sign, but I saw that I would not dedicate myself, I like to sing. ”

The lessons of the popstar do not end here, soon we will publish the continuation of the Anitta Case.

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