Eating well is also good for your financial health !!

In September, Aventura de Construir held two training sessions on Healthy Eating and Financial Health. These two themes, which at first sound completely independent, are closer than we can imagine!

Why did we decide to unite these themes within a training course?

In some meetings of the Caterpillar Learn to Transform Project, our consultants identified a need based on the reality of the audience present. When talking about budget organization and cost reduction, food started to be pointed out by many participants as an item related to financial uncontrolled.

Excesses related to food can happen for several reasons: anxiety, lack of time, sadness, joy and, in fact, everything becomes a reason to eat too much, right? This is not just a welfare issue, but a budget issue as well.

In this scenario, another important issue arises. Do I have to spend a lot of money to eat well?

When we think of healthy foods, we tend to associate with those that are well known and that, in general, are also super expensive. However, it is possible to eat well without spending a lot. The point is: how to get a health and pocket benefit?

It was on this point that we developed the training, seeking to break the myths surrounding healthy foods. The substitution of food, for example, needs to be further investigated, as there are foods that have the same properties as the super expensive ones, but even cost, amazingly, up to ten times less !!!

That is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to eat well! All we need to do is adjust our food to our budget, remembering to note the expenses with this, because that way it is much more visual and easier to control the budget.

If you made it this far, now you must be wondering … So, how should I build my healthy menu with what the food i iam used to buy?

Creativity opens up possibilities. A new spice changes the flavor of a food that until then someone did not like. Information is the source of nutritional knowledge, which can show how to replace a more expensive food with a cheaper one, with the same properties. That is why it is important to study content on the topic, just as we did in this training!

When we talk about a nutritionist, the image that comes to mind is a strict diet, with unappetizing and still very expensive meals. But believe me: it is possible to eat very well with what you have in your refrigerator.

Join this adventure of taking better care of your food while also taking care of your money!

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