Donate Day Warm Up

The Aventura de Construir was present at the Donate Day Community Campaigns Meeting.

We know a little about the history of the international campaign, Giving Tuesday, presented by Jamie McDonald. She told us, since the beginning of the movement in Baltimore (USA), in 2012, and how the negative image that Americans had of the city was transformed by the call of civil society to demonstrate their generosity to transform realities, disseminating a culture of donation.

In Brazil, the successful cases are the cities of Sorocaba (SP) and São José dos Campos (SP). Some representatives went personally to talk about their actions, as well as representatives of the Donate Day in Gramado (RS) and Caicó (RN) also participated by videoconference sharing their previous experiences, how they developed their goals and carried out the campaigns.

All of this was very inspiring for the other institutions, both for those who already participate in the Campaign and for those who have not yet joined the Donate Day. This contact with other experiences serves as an inspiration for new actions to be disseminated throughout the country! It is a way to invite people and organizations to plan, set goals and carry out a strong Campaign, capable of transforming the way donation is seen in the country.

Often, the donation is identified with assistance or actions that do not reach the final beneficiary. However, we need to better understand the functioning of the organizations that receive the resources (material, human or financial) so that we can make conscious donations that bring results to the right people, that is, those who need the services offered by CSOs.

And do you want to know what was the best part of this meeting? Realize that institutions are not only concerned with their own causes, but with a movement of transformation and creation of a culture of giving in Brazil. This is making a difference and working as a team for a culture of donation!

Engaging people and companies in this movement is extremely important if we want to create a cycle of good that generates a positive social impact. It can transform lives and, consequently, our country.

We would like to thank the Umbigo do Mundo Agency and ABCR (Brazilian Association of Fund Raisers) for their generosity in making it happen, as well as the Free Market for welcoming us to Melicidade.

After this day, we left with a heart full of certainty: Together we can go further! <3

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